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Baley Trotman Farms

Baley-Trotman Farms is a family owned partnership dedicated to growing the highest quality crop. Baley-Trotman specializes in chipper potatoes. There are many varieties of this potato with different characteristics.

Grant 4D Farms

Grant 4-D Farms producing the highest quality potatoes for customers whether it be for processors or the fresh market. Grant 4-D Farms grows many potato varieties one of which is the Russet potato.

Heartland Farms, Inc

Heartland Farms is a fifth generation irrigated Potato & Vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin covering 15.000 acres.

Larsen Farm

Larsen Farm grows, store, process, and even transport their own potatoes, they can ensure the highest quality and tightest costs at every step of the process.

Sackett Potatoes

Sackett Potatoes is a sixth generation farm operating in Michigan and North Carolina. They have continually grown through the years and pride themselves on not only quality crops, but leading their business with honesty and integrity.

Schroeder Brother's Farms

Schroeder Brothers Farms grows over 2200 acres of foundation and certified seed potatoes mostly in the Antigo area, but also in Suring, Mountain, Post Lake Pearson and Phlox. They grow over 20 varieties each year including reds, russets, chips and Frito Lay varieties.
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Terra Gold Farms

At Terra Gold Farms, growing quality potatoes is the result of generations of farming experience.


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