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3 Shires

3 Shires is a potato trading company in the United Kingdom

Caledonia Potatoes

Caledonia Potatoes is a substantial breeder and producer of seed and ware potatoes based in and around Perthshire, Scotland.

Chipeez potatoes

They are 3rd generation farmers based in Horsford Norwich, farming since the 1950s. Originally selling unwashed potatoes in 25kg bags going out to fish and chip shops all over Norfolk and parts of Suffolk.

East Suffolk Produce Ltd

Formed in 2013, East Suffolk Produce was set up to assist its members to market their potatoes more effectively to a wider segment of the potato market than they were previously achieving.

Fylde Fresh & Fabulous

Established in 2005, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous has fast become one of the UK’s leading peeled potato and chip suppliers thanks to our expertise in the field.

Higgins Group

Higgins Group one of the most successful and respected independent potato supply organisations in Europe.

Home Farm (Nacton) Ltd

Home Farm produces organic vegetables including potatoes, carrots, sugar beet and cereals in Suffolk.


HZPC UK is the UK subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal, and environmental expectations.

JA Low & Sons

JA Low &Son Farm is producing potatoes and onions for the packing sector of the markets.

James Foskett Farms

James Foskett Farms was formed in 2005 out of the partnership of H&J Foskett. Potatoes are the most important crop to the business which include seed and ware potatoes.


The family owned business specialises in the washing, grading, packing of quality potatoes. With a sharp eye, backed by years of experience, Linroyale selects the best from each crop.

Luonnosta UK Ltd

Luonnosta UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Luonnosta Finland Oy in the United Kingdom

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Maincrop Potatoes

Maincrop Potatoes supply potatoes to the whole industry and in particular Early Chipping, Set Skinned, Bakers and Salad Potatoes. Their mission is to market potatoes efficiently and with integrity, giving satisfaction to their suppliers and customers.

Manor Fresh Ltd

Manor Fresh are proud to source, pack and supply a broad range of high quality potato and vegetable products to leading retail, wholesale and food service outlets in the UK.

Root Zero

Root Zero, the UK's First Carbon Neutral, Planet-Friendly Potato. Available in select Coop and Waitrose stores.

Stet Potato ltd.

STET Potato Ltd was formed in 2016 in the United Kingdom with the STET Holland acquisition of the KWS potato division.

The Real Fresh Chip Co

The Real Fresh Chip Co – supply fresh cut chips and peeled potatoes. They provide hand prepared chips for Chip Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Takeaways, Universities, Colleges and Schools across Scotland.

TLC Potatoes

TLC Potatoes grows certified, virus-free potato minitubers to the highest possible standard.


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