Alle Bedrijven aktief in de aardappelindustrie in Florida


Established in 2011, BurgerFi is among the nation's fastest-growing better burger concepts with 116 BurgerFi restaurants domestically and internationally

FAM Stumabo USA, Inc.

FAM Stumabo USA focuses on the development of industrial cutting machines and the production of precision knives and parts.

Highland Ag Solutions

Highland Ag Solutions specializes in creating software tailored for agricultural businesses, enabling them to efficiently oversee their operations. They provide a comprehensive digital solution for compliance, sustainability, and enterprise management.

Highland Fresh Technologies, LLC

Highland Fresh Technologies LLC is located in Florida, United States. The company provides post-harvest cleaning products, which include products for washing, cleaning, and residential odor elimination etc.


Interfries expertise as leading South Florida Wholesalers and Distributors in bringing the freshest and most delectable potato products from the manufacturer to consumer.

Lan North America

Lan North America is a facility of Lan Handling Technologies in Florida, USA.
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Outlaw Snax

Outlaw Snax is here to challenge the status quo and shake up the snack world. They're committed to delivering bolder flavors and crazier combinations, giving you high-quality snacks with the crunchy tastes and textures you love.

Riverdale Potato Farm

Riverdale Potato Farm is owned and operated by Richard and Bryan Jones at St. Johns County. The farm produces vegetable crops, especially potatoes.

Senninger Irrigation, Inc

Senninger is a leading agricultural irrigation company, having operated for over 60 years in more than eighty nations. They are committed to helping farmers solve their irrigation sprinkler concerns by providing more efficient water application products for their irrigated crops.


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