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Hailo is a leading provider of edge AI processors globally. Hailo’s mission is to enable smart edge technologies to reach their full potential.


PoLoPo is a molecular farming company set to replace animal-based proteins in the food industry. Our cutting-edge solution, the SuperAA platform, makes every potato a micro bio-factory, enabling the production of animal-based proteins, starting with egg protein - Ovalbumin.


Polysulphate® is a trademark of ICL Fertilizers. Polysulphate® fertilizer is a soluble, easily-absorbed, cost-effective answer to crop nutrition, containing four key plant nutrients

Rivulis Irrigation

Rivulis is a global micro-irrigation leader focused on promoting a sustainable agri-food supply chain. Rivulis offers the most innovative irrigation solutions for seasonal, permanent, and protected crop environments, through its multiple product and service portfolio brands: Rivulis, NaanDanJain, Jain, Eurodrip, and Manna.


RumaFeed’s produce reduces environmental impact, arable land waste, produce-quality degradation during handling and storage,
health risks to consumers, and production costs.

Trellis AI

Trellis AI is an Israeli based Food System Intelligence company that focuses on using AI to analyse the global food supply chain.


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