Ag Optix

Ag Optix provides new and exciting inline NIR-based solutions manufactured by ZEISS to food producers all across North America. These unique systems are automation-ready and redefine what process engineers and quality managers

Baley Trotman Farms

Baley-Trotman Farms is a family owned partnership dedicated to growing the highest quality crop. Baley-Trotman specializes in chipper potatoes. There are many varieties of this potato with different characteristics.

Icon Robotics

ICON Robotics is a global solution provider with more than 1500 Robotic systems currently in operation spanning a wide variety of industries worldwide. Their global headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand, with branch offices in Australia and the USA, each providing installation, commissioning, and 24-hour support services.

Lane Farms

Lane farm is specializing in Generation 3 (FY4) certified seed potatoes. Seed in grown in compliance with Oregon's strict seed certification standards, and this farm resides in an "isolated district", reducing disease and improving crop quality.

Old Trapper

Old Trapper Beef Jerky has been making the best smoked meat snacks for 50 years. They are in Oregon, but you can find them anywhere!
Beef Jerky is their work, and they do it well, using only the best lean strips of beef

Rosti Stuft Spuds

Rosti stuft spuds is the producer of crispy-filled potato snacks based in Portland, Oregon. The company offers food products made from simple ingredients that are vegetarian, certified gluten-free and have no trans fat or artificial flavors, to its customers.

URosti LLC

Rösti Stuft Spuds are a first to market, crispy, shredded hand held filled potato in 3 bites! Founded in 2017 - A rapidly growing young potato innovator based in Portland, Oregon.


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