Ag Leader Technology

Ag Leader offers a complete package of precision farming tools that connect the entire operation from planting to harvest and from the office to the field.

Bluefield Seeding Solutions Inc. (BSSI)

Bluefield Seeding Solutions is a PEI company that is developing a new patented Seed Sensing Technology.


FarmTrade is an agricultural trading app. This APP offers you the possibility to trade in, for example, onions, potatoes, beet quota, machines and more!


Companies in the agricultural business use their satellite data for the monitoring and growth of potato crops and analyses of potato fields, varieties, and regions.

Harvest Global

Harvest Global is deep tech Agtech. Co serving the RS/GIS powered data and research needs of Agri-Value Chain businesses. Their Solution and stack is built for all remote sensing and ground survey powered assessments.

ICL Innovative Ag Solutions

ICL AgTech is a rapidly evolving sector that aims to improve applications of technology to increase yield, growth, quality, and harvesting of crops.
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Isagri provides management solutions and innovative technologies dedicated to farmers and agribusiness companies.


SAALTO provides the storage management solution for potato growers.


At SmartFarm, they know that there are many factors making farming difficult. Because of that, they created an all-in-one solution to support you when facing these daily challenges.

Soil Health Institute (SHI)

The Soil Health Institute is that organization. With efforts in Research; Measurements, Standards & Assessment; Economics; Informed Policy; and Communications & Education, the Institute envisions a future in which soil health


Trimble is an industrial technology company transforming the way the world works by delivering solutions that enable their customers to thrive. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics connect the digital and physical worlds

Trinity AgTech

Trinity AgTech is delivering analytical software for the agriculture sector. It provides a trusted and confidential family of digital assistants that bring you together with your business partners
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xFarm Technologies is a tech company focused on the digitisation of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in the management of their businesses.


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