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Tomfrost is an international food trading company, specialized in delicious deep-frozen potato and vegetable products.

AJC International

AJC International is a global leader in the procurement and sale of, french fries, frozen meat, poultry, pork, seafood and vegetable products, and their respective derivatives, with over 45 years of experience.

Al Kabeer Group

Al Kabeer is active in procurement, manufacturing, and distribution of processed frozen food. Founded over 40 years ago, the Group has evolved into a multidimensional, multi-product business with offices, processing units and cold storages in over 10 countries.

Golden Fields

Golden fields is brand of International Foods and Consumable Goods (IFCG). Under this brand they offer various 7 x 7 Allumettes and 10 x 10 Pommes Frites.


Interfries expertise as leading South Florida Wholesalers and Distributors in bringing the freshest and most delectable potato products from the manufacturer to consumer.

Lamb Weston Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, China

Lamb Weston Ulanqab, is a new production facility of Lamb Weston Holdings Inc in Inner Mongolia, China.

Markwell Foods

Markwell Foods, Australian supplier of Acai, Smoothies, Meat, Seafood & Vegetables to the Foodservice and Retail markets.

MC Frost India

MC Frost India is a Company that manufactures and exports French fries.

Papas Argente

Papas Argente is a very dynamic company with almost 100 years of experience, specialists in the manufacture of potato chips and snacks. The company make homemade French fries with José Argente's recipe, using fryers adapted with the latest technology to avoid excess oil in the final product.

Pepizo Foods

Pepizo Foods is manufacturer and exporter of high-quality frozen food products from India. They offer various range of frozen potato products such as French Fries, Potato Wedges,Hash Browns,Aloo Tikki,Burger Patty, potato Nuggets etc

Qingdao Thingo Natural Products

QINGDAO THINGO NATURAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD formerly known as Qingdao Greenland Industrial Co.,Ltd. They supply China's excellent natural food ingredients and nutritional supplements to the world,The main exported natural food ingredients of Qingdao Thingo are frozen fruits & vegetables,dehydrated vegetabls,frozen french fries and freeze dried products.

Solanuz LLC

Solanuz LLC is a specialized agricultural enterprise established in Urtachirchik district in 2017.

Sun Potato Foodstuff Co., Ltd

Sun Potato is a company located in china. They are Offering various frozen french fries and also exporting in other countries. Company has its own cold storage facility where they can store their fries which are certified by HACCP, HALAL and ISO22000.

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Tomfrost is an international food trading company, specialized in delicious deep-frozen potato and vegetable products.

Vasant Impex

Vasant impex offers customers a comprehensive range of high quality agricultural food products (Fresh vegetables, Fruits , Pulses, Milled Products). Their main business is potato supply and they buy starch from chips and french fries.


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