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Agri-Cal USA

Agri-Cal USA is working in field of Fertilizer Alternative & Vegetable Stimulator.


High production agriculture meets environmental responsibility at AgroLiquid, the research-driven fertilizer company for todays crops and tomorrow's grower.


Since 2006, AgroThrive has been sustainably manufacturing the world’s first fast-acting liquid organic fertilizers for USDA certified farmers of all sizes across the USA.


Alltech's mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation. They pursue this mission guided by what they call the ACE principle

Azotic Technologies Ltd

Azotic is an innovative biotech company specializing in the development and commercialization of novel biologicals for the agricultural sector. They are a global leader in biological nitrogen fixation and are expanding the commercialization of our product – Envita® (known as Encera™ in Europe) to farmers across the globe. Their patented technology can fix nitrogen across crops providing enhanced yield, plant health, savings on nitrogen fertilizer, carbon abatement and reduced environmental impact.

Bio Gro Inc.

Bio-Gro, Inc. manufactures over 130 individual product formulations, and provides customers the ability to design unique custom blends, based on specific soil needs.
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Crop Vitality

Crop Vitality represents the specialty fertilizer business unit of Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. Crop Vitality specializes in providing growers around the world with the crop nutrition tools

Dairy Doo

Dairy Doo is a provider of sustainable, organic compost for homeowners and agribusiness. They strive to be an innovative provider of economical and healthy soil products to their customers.

Drexel Chemical

Drexel Chemical is a supplier in the field of agricultural chemicals. The Company strives to make a quality product at an affordable cost to growers. Since the company’s inception in 1972, Drexel has been a staple in the agricultural chemical industry.

Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman Crop Protection offers a varied portfolio of ready-to-use products in specific niche markets within the global fruit & vegetable segment as well as the cereal segment: fungicides, growth regulators and stimulators, seed treatment products and soil fumigants.


GroPro is an international Bio-Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant, and Bio-Pesticide manufacturer with a headquarter in Burnsville, MN. The companyis working in the USA, the Middle East, Africa, the EU, and Central America.

Heliae Development

Heliae Agriculture, specializes in microalgal technology, soil, and crop science.
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The company conducts humic mining operations in Idaho and New Mexico, allowing access to top quality raw humic. Their products are carefully crafted to align with safe environmental guidelines and regenerative agricultural practices while cutting down on cost and dependency on toxic synthetic substances.

JH Biotech, Inc.

Founded in 1987, JH Biotech is based in Southern California with distributors in North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Europe. They offer natural, organic, and biological products for plant health, pest management, and animal well-being.

Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC

Leader and innovator of specialty agricultural products for more than 80 years, Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC is committed to providing efficient and effective performance solutions that improve crop yields and quality.

NutriAg USA Ltd.

NutriAg is a the crop-technology company that’s dedicated to solving the complex needs of fields and farmers through safe, plant-specific nutrient solutions.

Omex USA

Omex is a dynamic group of companies operating throughout the world. Omex USA specialize in complex liquid formulations for use on a wide range of crops.

Plant Natural Innovations

Plant Natural Innovations provide growers and producers with exceptional, plant-derived organic fertilizers.


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