Absurd Snacks

Absurd Snacks is a snack manufacturer from United States. Their trail mixes are made with whole ingredients featuring crunchy roasted chickpeas, fava beans, granola clusters, and naturally sweetened dried fruit.

Ali Shaihani Group of Industries

Ali Shaihani Group is the pioneer in Oman’s food and beverage industry. The company was established in the year 1979 and offers range of chips and snacks globally.

Birch Farms Inc.

Birchfarms Inc. lead the industry in manufacturing snacks for private companies and retail markets.

Empex Food

Empex is considered one of the leading companies in the field of food industries and has emerged from a long experience in the field since 1993 in several countries, including Syria, Kuwait and now in Egypt.

Estrella Maarud Holding A/S

Estrella Maarud manufactures and markets salted snacks in the Nordic and Baltic countries under the brands of Estrella, Maarud and Taffel.<br><br>Estrella Maarud became part of Intersnack in May 2014.

Europe Snacks

Europe Snacks is a key player in the French private label savoury snacks market and the leading own-label stacked chips manufacturer.
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Europe Snacks UK

Europe Snacks offers a wide range of crisps and snacks,based in diffrent locations like France, Spain and UK.

Fesh Fash Food

Fesh Fash snack food production company is a manufacturer of snack foods in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia, where the company has started its business in 1982. Its mission was to set up a strong base for the production of snack foods in Saudi Arabia.

Frimax Foods

Frimax is started since 1982 in South Africa. They offers various potato snacks made from quality ingrediants. Their range includes potato chips in various flavours, popped snackes, maize snacks etc.


Frylo is a flagship brand of The Chhajed Group, catering potato and cereal-based ready-to-eat and ready-to-fry snacks. It is made from European dehydrated potatoes.

Instafarm Food Products

Instafarm Food Products is Hyfun Frozen Foods manufacturing facility. This site focuses on the production of baked snacks such as pizza and puffets, with a production capacity of 6000 MT.

Intersnack Bulgaria

Intersnack Bulgaria is the Bulgarian subsidiary of the Intersnack Group, a major manufacturer of potato chips and Snacks in Europe, with headquarters in Germany.
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Intersnack Hungary

Intersnack Hungary is the Hungarian subsidiary of the Intersnack Group, a major manufacturer of potato chips and Snacks.With their Chio and Pom-Bär brands, they offer a diverse selection of salty crisps.

Intersnack Netherlands BV

Intersnack Netherlands is the Dutch subsidiary of the Intersnack Group. From flavorful appetizers and crispy popcorn to healthy nuts and creamy peanut butter, Intersnack Netherlands provides it all in its extensive range.

Intersnack Netherlands BV (Hardinxveld)

Intersnack Netherlands BV (Hardinxveld) is a branch of Intersnack Netherlands BV.

Intersnack Schweiz(Switzerland) AG

Intersnack Schweiz(Switzerland) AG is the Swiss subsidiary of the Intersnack Group, and since 1994, Intersnack Schweiz AG has provided a diverse range of aperitif products, including potato chips and snacks, crisps, tortillas, pretzels, and nuts.

KBZ Food

KBZ - Healthy Bites are the top manufacturers of potato chips, wafers, and many other healthy snacks. They have a wide range of products with a unique variety of flavours available only for you. Their healthy and tasty products include Dry fruits, Nachos

Kelly Snacks (United Snacks of Kelly)

Kelly Snacks is a Largest manufacturer of chips and snacks in Austria. As of June 5, 2007 the company is part of Intersnack.


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