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Aviko is one of the four largest potato processors in the world and is European market leader of fresh, frozen and dried potato products. Aviko provides appropriate potato products for every market (foodservice, retail or industry).

CelaVita B.V.

CêlaVíta B.V. is a chilled potato product manufacturer and has the largest market share in the Netherlands.

Landlust Frites

Landlust Frites is a small scale producer of chilled peeled and cut potato strips and wedges located the Netherlands.

Peka Kroef B.V.

Peka Kroef B.V. manufactures a range of cooked potato products, including vacuum packed and gas flushed products.

Schaap Holland

Schaap Holland specializes in peeled potato products, seed potatoes and potato processing industry.

Verse Boerderij Friet

Verse Boerderij Friet is Dutch manufacturer of chilled cut and peeled potato products
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920


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