Bhatti Agritech

Bhatti Agritech is a leading seed potato producer based in Punjab (India) and it is established in 1965. The company produces 30,000 tonnes of seed potato annually during winter season.

CSS Farms

CSS Farms is a diversified producer of vegetable crops as well as row crops and small grains with operations across the United States.

Cygnet PB

Cygnet PB is Britain's biggest potato breeder and one of the largest seed potato growers in the country.

Daniel J. Corey Farms

Daniel J. Corey Farms grow 880 acres of high-quality, high-yielding seed potatoes. This is in addition to Seed Pro acres. Seed Pro Inc. is located in Maine state of the USA.

Diagnosticos Vegetales

Diagnosticos Vegetales specialized in providing diagnostic services for plant diseases and sanitary management of potato crops, as well as in the production of seed potato minitubers.

Diagnosticos Vegetales S.A.

Diagnosticos Vegetales S.A. is a leading independent provider of services and products focused on plant biotechnology for the breeding of seed potatoes and other crops.
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Dick Bedlington Farms

Pure Potato is a Limited Generation Seed Farm producing disease free seed potato stock since 1987. This process starts under a microscope in the lab.

First Potato Dynamics (FPD)

The FPD Group specialises in the development and commercialisation of potato varieties. Established in 1996, they have been producing and selling high quality potato seed for over 20 years.

HZPC France

HZPC France is the French subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal and environmental expectations.


HZPC UK is the UK subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal, and environmental expectations.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation System is the second-largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world.

KF Biotech Pvt Ltd

KF Biotech is an Indian producer and supplier of seed potatoes derived from tissue culture based technology
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Natural Life Sciences Tissue Culture Lab

Natural Life Sciences is a tissue culture laboratory of Gujarat operating since 2015. Their beneficiaries and clients belong to all types of end-users i.e. floriculture nurseries, farmers, cooperative societies, institutional buyers, Government Institutions, agriculture universities, and also researchers.

Sashanka Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Sashanka Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company established in 1999 by Mr. Bishwanath Sinha in Ranchi, India. An annual potato mini tuber seed production capacity in aeroponic is more than 10 Million and 2 Million in coco peat.

Semillas S.Z. (HZPC Chili)

Semillas S.Z., a company with Chilean and Dutch capitals, has more than 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality, certified seed potatoes. They work exclusively in Chile with the genetics and varieties of HZPC

TLC Potatoes

TLC Potatoes grows certified, virus-free potato minitubers to the highest possible standard.


Vervit is a plant tissue culture company focused on advanced micropropagation technologies.

Vital Seeds, Inc.

Vital Seeds, Inc. (VSI) was established in 2014 to exploit the commercialization of its internationally patented technology “Potatoes out of Ground” (PoG). Soilless cultivation of seed potatoes (minitubers) using closed irrigation systems in the forms of High-Pressure Aeroponics, Standard-Pressure Aeroponics, and Drip Irrigation.


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