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EM Automation Ltd

EM Automation Ltd supply and install a range of Ulma flow rap/flow pack and tray sealing equipment for various packaging applications including fresh produce, fish, pizza, etc.

Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions

Fox Packaging manufactures innovative, flexible packaging solutions. Fox Solutions sets the standard for equipment quality and safety.

GKS packaging

GKS packaging solves your real-world challenges in the easiest way: by delivering ultra-reliable, cost-effective, modular packaging machines, made to meet your requirements.

Ishida Co.,LTD.

Ishida is a leading supplier of automated solutions, meeting the ever-changing challenges presented by the processing of products in food, retail, logistic, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

JASA Packaging Systems BV

JASA Packaging Systems is a manufacturer of packaging machines and specialist in weighing technology. The company offers a range of products tailored to the potato and produce industry.

Pakona Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Pakona Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Certified company which is a leading manufacturer of Packaging Machines from India with world wide Installations in over 80 countries.

Saurabh Flexipack Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Saurabh Flexipack Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering Company which was established in 1998 and manufactures packaging machines.

VT Corp Pvt. Ltd.

VT Corp Pvt. Ltd. is an Engineering company, undertaking complete turnkey projects, designs and manufactures machinery for various industrial domains like Cement Industry, Chemical. Sponge Iron, Power Plant, Cogeneration Plant, Paper Plant, Food & Sugar Industry, & many other applications.

WeighPack Systems Inc.

WeighPack Systems, a Paxiom Group company is a manufacturer and systems provider of state-of-the-art quality packaging solutions that include filling, bagging, conveying, case erecting, and robotic palletizing.


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