Scott Automation NV

Scott Automation is a leading global supplier of smart automation and robotic solutions. A specialist in turnkey palletising and conveying systems with extensive experience in supplying potato processors.

Van Doren

Van Doren is a manufacturing and solution development company that integrates best of breed technology from receiving through palletizing. At Van Doren, we prioritize value and performance, offering comprehensive support to our customers throughout their entire lifecycle.
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Agropak (IntercomM Co.Ltd)

The Agropak company has been working in the agricultural market for more than 25 years, as a supplier of equipment for packaging, sorting and processing of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

Alfaraj Co.

AlFaraj for Engineering Industries Company specialize in the manufacture of machinery and packaging machinery and food production lines, since 1999.

AMP Automation

AMP Automation design and build flexible automation solutions, offering complete bespoke turnkey lines, palletising. They work with both robotics and/or the latest linear transport systems

BW Packaging Systems

BW Packaging Systems brings together five Barry-Wehmiller companies, providing a wide range of expertise and packaging technologies to help identify the best solution for your packaging needs.

CSi Industries

CSi industries supplies fully integrated material handling systems and has installations throughout the world. As a turnkey supplier CSi provides a complete package, from initial consultancy and design

edp Australia Pty Ltd

edp is a leading Australian supplier of fresh fruit and vegetable grading & packaging solutions including machinery and consumables. edp was the first company in Australia to introduce fully automatic pre-packing equipment in the local fresh fruit and vegetable industry.
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Egatec A/S

Egatec A/S offers a full program of automatic packaging machines, and complete Turnkey Packaging Solutions, for a wide array of functions and products.


Ezratek, formerly known as Packing & Palletizing Company (PPC), first started back in 2002 on the family farm in Prince Edward Island. Ezratek designs and builds a variety of high quality equipment to serve industries


Farmarm is an ultra-compact palletizer suitable for low-speed production plants, that stands for its easy installation, management, and maintenance.


FlexLink is a leading manufacturer of food handling conveyors and automated food processing equipment. With a dedicated team of industry specialists, we support the food industry worldwide.

Goldpack (Pty) Ltd

Goldpack is a packaging solutions provider. The company is a specialist in packaging machinery, packinghouse equipment, and end-of-line process automation. Goldpack provides a customer-centric, all-encompassing approach to end-of-line packaging in our serviced markets.


Grapak company has been present in the Slovenian market since 2001. The company is involved in the sale and service of agricultural machinery. The company partners with top equipment manufacturers to provide high-quality machines for tillage, seeding, sorting, packaging, spraying equipment, etc.
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Ground Level Innovations

Ground Level Innovations is based in Prince Edward Island, one of Canada’s major potato-growing regions. The company developed the EZ Down in cooperation with packers looking for a way to gently fill tote bags

Hebei QW Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hebei QW Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and integrator of automation equipments in China. The focus on secondary packaging system, intelligent conveying system, robot applications, visual system, ASRS and other related logistic equipments.


Hortech Company offers agricultural machinery in Poland. The company has a wide range of machines for unloading, transporting, cleaning, and packing potatoes.

Htech cz s.r.o.

Htech is specialised in designing, engineering, automatization and integration of machinery in the agri-food chains. They provide technologies for initial processing and handling, packaging and palletizing.

ICOEL S.r.l.

ICOEL has been operating in the fruit and vegetable industry for over forty years. A leading company in the design, construction and installation of quality machinery and plants for fruit and vegetable processing

Icon Robotics

ICON Robotics is a global solution provider with more than 1500 Robotic systems currently in operation spanning a wide variety of industries worldwide. Their global headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand, with branch offices in Australia and the USA, each providing installation, commissioning, and 24-hour support services.


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