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Fobek b.v. was founded in 1951 by a large group of Northern growers, traders and breeders. In 1953, the Fobek started breeding new better potato varieties for the affiliated traders and growers.Fobek is now a joint venture of its customers / clients that carries out potato breeding programs on assignment. It is a potato breeding company that develops new varieties for customers.They have range of potato varieties which are disease and pest tolerant.

Geersing Potato Specialist BV

Geersing Potato Specialist is a trading house from Emmeloord that is involved in the development of potato varieties and the sale of seed potatoes.


Incotec is a global seed enhancement company based out of the Netherlands. Incotec has developed a package of technologies, including a new pelletization method and innovative seed priming formula, specifically tailored to fit true potato seeds.


JPB is a global leader in the supply of food and food products. They have specialists for fresh, frozen, commodities and consumer Goods. They export high-quality products from preferred suppliers from all corners of the world and designed their own quality control mechanism.

Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants are a global biotech leader helping producers scale by eliminating the risks and variables of commercial cultivation


Pro4Agri is the specialist in all types of potato, from seed potatoes to consumption potatoes. They mainly export potatoes and onions worldwide.
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Zos B.V.

Storing, sorting and packaging potatoes are ZOS's main activities. They do this for growers, trade and exporters. ZOS also provides customized transport. Other products are also stored with them, such as: carrots, onions, milk powder, grains and fertilizers.


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