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Daniel J. Corey Farms

Daniel J. Corey Farms grow 880 acres of high-quality, high-yielding seed potatoes. This is in addition to Seed Pro acres. Seed Pro Inc. is located in Maine state of the USA.

Hanse Seed Corporation

Hanse Seed Corp. was founded in the year 2000 in order to introduce the valuable varieties of the potato Breeder Saka Pflanzenzucht GmbH, Germany in the United States and Canada.

Idaho Crop Improvement Association

For over 78 years the members of Idaho Crop Improvement Association, Inc. (ICIA) have been serving the global agricultural community by producing quality Idaho Certified Seeds.

Lane Farms

Lane farm is specializing in Generation 3 (FY4) certified seed potatoes. Seed in grown in compliance with Oregon's strict seed certification standards, and this farm resides in an "isolated district", reducing disease and improving crop quality.

Larsen Farm

Larsen Farm grows, store, process, and even transport their own potatoes, they can ensure the highest quality and tightest costs at every step of the process.

Maine Farmers Exchange

Maine Farmers Exchange has provided full service sourcing for tablestock, seed and processing potatoes for over 50 years
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North Dakota State Seed Department

The State Seed Department is the state’s official seed certification agency. The Field Seed Program is responsible for management of all processes involved in the production of certified seed from field inspection

Palmgren Farm

Palmgren farm is located in Colorado, United States. They are growing seed potatoes and some range of organic potatoes.

Pleasant Valley Potato

Pleasant Valley Potato has been perfecting Idaho potatoes. We're committed to grow, pack, and ship the highest quality potatoes, with exceptional service.

Row 7 Seed Company

Row 7 is an organic food company built to reimagine food from seed to table. Working in collaboration with chefs, farmers and plant breeders.

Schroeder Brother's Farms

Schroeder Brothers Farms grows over 2200 acres of foundation and certified seed potatoes mostly in the Antigo area, but also in Suring, Mountain, Post Lake Pearson and Phlox. They grow over 20 varieties each year including reds, russets, chips and Frito Lay varieties.

Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC

To provide peace of mind to their partners, Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC will deliver high quality mini tubers while embracing sustainable practices that will benefit society and the surrounding environment.
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Washington Seed Potatoes

Washington Seed Potatoes growers are famous for growing and marketing quality seeds. The isolated locations provide vigorous seed and deliver the product when needed.


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