Crown Flakes

Crown Flakes Private Limited is producer and seller of dehydrated potatoes. The company manufactures potato flakes and potato flour separately, as well as in unique combinations, based on specifics received from individual customers.

Fesh Fash Food

Fesh Fash snack food production company is a manufacturer of snack foods in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia, where the company has started its business in 1982. Its mission was to set up a strong base for the production of snack foods in Saudi Arabia.

Freyma's Snack

Freyma's is a registered trademark of the company MARTIS-09 Ltd., founded in Bulgaria. It is the manufacturer of the products under this brand, whose management and production facilities are based in town of Dulovo, Silistra region.

Fritos Sevilla

Fritos Sevilla is a Spanish Potato chips and snacks Manufacturer. Fritos Sevilla has a productive capacity of over one million kilos and four million bags in a wide range of chip and snack products.


Frylo is a flagship brand of The Chhajed Group, catering potato and cereal-based ready-to-eat and ready-to-fry snacks. It is made from European dehydrated potatoes.

Good Health Natural Products, Inc

Good Health Natural Foods is a brand of utz offering a number of innovative snacks, such as Avocado oil potato chips, Olive oil potato chips and Humbles Baked Hummus Chips.

Grupo Crack

CRAC is a pioneer in the manufacturing of potato sticks and a sales leader in its area of operation, having been in the market since 1985.


Palmex is a pellet manufacturer based our of Mexico.

Roble Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Established in the year 2014, "Roble Agro Food Products Private Limited" Formar known as Noble Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a leading name in the field of processing and exporting a Comprehensive range of Quality Papad (Unfried Snack Pellets) with a capacity to manufacture over 24000 Metric Tons every year.


Veggietalis W.l.l. is a Raw food processing Company based in Bahrain. The company supplies range of french fries and specialitiy potatoes such as peeled potato,mashed potato,cubes,stiks etc.

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