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A Innovative Food Products LLP (Shareat)

A Innovative Food Products LLP is manufacturer, supplier snd exporter of snack pellets, pani puri, ready to fry pani puri, potato wafers, snacks chips, etc.

KBZ Food

KBZ - Healthy Bites are the top manufacturers of potato chips, wafers, and many other healthy snacks. They have a wide range of products with a unique variety of flavours available only for you. Their healthy and tasty products include Dry fruits, Nachos

Patwari Foods Private Limited

Patwari Foods Private Limited is company based in Hayderabad, India. They are producing chips and snack pallets on contractual base with various companies.

Shareat Foods

Shareat offers ready-to-Eat products, the perfect solution to satisfy your cravings for authentic Indian street food from the comfort of your own home.


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