Fobek b.v. was founded in 1951 by a large group of Northern growers, traders and breeders. In 1953, the Fobek started breeding new better potato varieties for the affiliated traders and growers.Fobek is now a joint venture of its customers / clients that carries out potato breeding programs on assignment. It is a potato breeding company that develops new varieties for customers.They have range of potato varieties which are disease and pest tolerant.


RegenZ is a family-owned agricultural technology business based in South Africa. They discover, apply and commercialise innovations in crop production technology for the Southern African region

Rockyview Elite Tuber Ltd.

Rockyview Elite Tubers Ltd is an elite seed potato operation located 30 kilometers north east of Calgary. Their prime and isolated seed production location, use of the most up to date technology, and over 20 years of experience in growing and marketing in the industry.


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