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NSSPL Frozen Vegetables And Fruits Processing Line

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NSSPL Frozen Vegetables And Fruits Processing Line
The processing of food is to make food marketable, and it should appeal the consumers. The aim is to attract the buyers assuring longer shelf-life. Frozen vegetables and Fruits Processing line includes several processing types of fruits that include drying, canning, and juicing. It includes fruit preserves, fruit juices, and canned fruits. Frozen vegetables are processed in frozen form and stored.

Check with NSSPL, and get a complete machinery set for the frozen vegetables. It includes vegetable sorters, processing machines for blanching, washing, dewatering and cooling, besides frozen vegetable packing. NSSPL has years of knowledge and experience providing you with customized solutions for the frozen vegetables and Fruits Processing line. They offer high quality machinery.

Processing line
  • IQF Vegetables – The frozen foods in high quality is due to a technology. It is the individually quick-frozen (IQF) method. This method does not allow large ice crystals to settle in the vegetable cells. It is because here each piece is frozen individually and particles do not cohere. Thus, the final product is not any solid frozen block.
  • French Fries – The French fries frozen line is automatic and continuous. It is used for potato processing into French fries. Here the potatoes undergo blanching and pre-frying, and the French fries are IQF frozen. This line features some modifications, and uses IQF Processing to process other vegetables and fruits.

Processing line of vegetables

It begins with these stages
  • Vegetable Washer – To wash vegetables thoroughly before processing further.
  • Vegetable Blancher - Kills enzymatic activity by heating in boiling water the product. Blanchers are in belt or drum type as per the application. Blanching time is varied to suit different products.
  • Vegetable Cooler – The product temperature is brought down to 10-15 deg C enabling easier cooling in the freezer. The cooler involves passing through chilled water the product for a specified time. Chilling time may be varying for different products.
  • Dewatering Conveyor – The surface moisture is removed of the product before freezing. It ensures no ice will be formed on freezing of the product, and it improves freezer efficiency. Using vibratory conveyors, the dewatering is done.