How a PotatoPro Sponsorship boosts your online marketing

As the COVID-19 crisis disrupts many opportunities for in person marketing and sales, online marketing has become a business-critical mission for all companies overnight.

Entirely focused on the global potato industry, PotatoPro has developed ‘Sponsorship packages’ that we have finetuned over many years. Sponsorships offer you a set of tools and features to build your brand, create visibility, get insights and generate leads for your company.

A PotatoPro sponsorship can be a key building block of your online marketing.

Build your brand, be visible, get your message out

A sponsorship gets your ads on our website and you are highlighted in our newsletter and the sponsorbox. And of course, we publish your news and list and highlight your events or trade show presence, whether in person or virtual.

Sponsors show up in our increasingly powerful global and local directories of all your relevant sectors with an extra listing at the top, increasing visibility.

Your big box ads do not just appear on every page but are targeted by topic, page, language and/or region. You can create different versions and run them in parallel or switch them to further optimize and better reach your target audience or to get a time or location sensitive message out. Video ads, HTML5, static, whatever you need.

Show your products and generate leads

One of the most powerful tools PotatoPro.com offers, is the ability to show your products and receive inquiries and quote requests for them. Today many would call it a permanent virtual trade show and we are continuously looking for ways to increase interactivity.

Analyze and improve

Sponsors have access to a dedicated google analytics account. This offers full real time insight on all visitors of their content, providing insight and clues for improvement of their digital presence in general.
Key figures
  • Users > 3000 daily (2021: 900k up to September 1)
  • Pageviews > 6500 daily (2021: 1.6 M up to September 1)
  • Alexa ranking better than 500.000. (Tip: Before you book digital advertising anywhere look at their alexa ranking!)
  • Newsletter Subscribers 10000
  • Notifications when news added 20000
  • Linkedin (Paul van Eijck: 9500; PotatoPro LinkedIn Group: 6000, Corporate profile: 500
  • Twitter 10000
  • Facebook (3000) and Instagram (1200)
Silver Sponsorship (USD 5000 /year)
  • A complete package giving you access to all tools and benefits of a Sponsorship for a full year at a cost-effective price.
Gold Sponsorship (USD 7500 /year)
  • Better positions for products, company listings, newsletter ads and wherever else a ranking is applied
  • Products listed ahead of all free, premium and silver sponsorship products.
  • Big Box ads of Gold Sponsors are served at double the rate of Silver Sponsors.
Platinum Sponsorship (USD 10000 /year)
  • Platinum Sponsors get the top spots for products, company listings, newsletter ads and wherever else a ranking is applied
  • Products listed ahead of all free, premium, silver and gold sponsorship products.
  • Big Box ads of Platinum Sponsors are served at triple the rate of Silver Sponsors

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