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Technomic Updates View of COVID-19 Impact on US Foodservice Sector

Technomic Updates View of Covid-19 Impact on US Foodservice Sector

april 14, 2020
As of April 13, the novel coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China late last year had been attributed to over 119,000 deaths worldwide, of which more than 23,000 have been recorded in the United States and more than 10,000 in New York alone.
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Could Taurine help reduce acrylamide in French Fries?

mei 18, 2010
Taurine, the ingredient most famously linked to energy drinks, may help reduce levels of acrylamide in foods, suggests new research from Korea.French fries exposed to a taurine solution prior to frying contained 96 per cent less acrylamide than control...
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El futuro de los snacks

november 26, 2008
Álvaro Sánchez aplica lo que predica. Nunca se priva de alimentos que muchos consideran “chatarra”. Y no lo hace por amor a la bandera sino por convicción, porque, en realidad, se declara atraído por las papas fritas, los Doritos y los Cheetos. Claro q...


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