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Almacén de patatas de la cooperativa Santa Isabel

España: Buenos precios para la patata, malos tiempos para las exportaciones

maart 29, 2023
La cooperativa burgalesa Santa Isabel se guarda el 60 por-ciento de la producción con destino a Argelia por «miedo a no cobrar» debido al bloqueo comercial a España.
Gareth inspecting the plots

FMC trials show great promise for future of weed control

maart 29, 2023
With weed control a key challenge for farmers, and reduced sensitivity to some herbicides a continuing problem. New product trials by FMC have demonstrated that effective controls are on the horizon.
The Kingsman potato: Cygnet PB to expand commercial trials in the US for this high-yielding, climate-resilient variety

The Kingsman potato: Cygnet PB to expand commercial trials in the US for this high-yielding, climate-resilient variety

maart 29, 2023
Launched in 2017, the potato variety Kingsman has developed quickly in popularity to become Scotland-based potato breeder Cygnet PB Ltd.’s first globally successful variety.
The potato breeder LIND joins Europatat

Polish potato breeder LIND joins Europatat

maart 28, 2023
Europatat warmly welcomes the Polish company LIND, which was established in 1996 as an investment of a Scottish family-run agricultural business with generations experience in the production of high-grade seed potatoes – J&WF Lind
Potato Packaging

European Produce Associations Call for Revised Packaging Regulations to Support Sustainable Practices in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector

maart 28, 2023
Copa-Cogeca, Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, and Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, have taken note of the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste that was published on 30 November 2022
Keogh's Crisps

Irish potato chips manufacturer Keogh's Crisps plans the construction of a new production facility to keep up with demand

maart 28, 2023
Keogh’s Crisps plan to use 18 million potatoes this year, all thanks to the growing demand for their snacks.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Simon Leaver, CEO of Fylde Fresh & Fabulous

Potato Manufacturer Fylde Fresh & Fabulous Joins Made Smarter’s Digitalisation Programme

maart 28, 2023
Pioneering North West adoption programme supports digitalisation projects worth GBP 5m (USD 6m). A potato manufacturer has helped Made Smarter’s pioneering technology adoption programme reach its 250th investment milestone.
Patata Temprana en Mallorca

La última borrasca provoca la pérdida de más de la mitad de la patata temprana en Mallorca

maart 26, 2023
Se calcula que, como consecuencia del paso de la borrasca Juliette, las pérdidas en patata temprana en Mallorca ascienden a más de la mitad de la cosecha.
Primaline potatoes 40x30 package

Extra early Primaline potatoes available in France.

maart 25, 2023
One month ago, Prince de Bretagne started harvesting the extra early Primaline potatoes grown under shelter. The harvest will continue until the end of April, before the open field crops take over.
Rashida potato variety

HZPC potato variety Rashida promising for Greek market and beyond

maart 25, 2023
The new HZPC potato variety Rashida is a true all-rounder. Underneath the good looks, there is a robust variety that copes well in all conditions. And that makes growers, packers and consumers happy.


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