Q-Potato Holland Team
februari 21, 2024

Small seed potato crop results in historically high prices

Seed potato acreage is shrinking in the Netherlands, Germany, and France.
Gerard Backx, CEO of Royal HZPC Group
februari 19, 2024

Solid result Royal HZPC Group and announcement of change CEO

Potato breeding company Royal HZPC Group expects to achieve a similar result for the financial year 2023 / 2024 (July - June) as the year 2022 / 2023. 
Eqraft new premise in Emmeloord, Netherlands
februari 13, 2024

Equipment manufacturer Eqraft shows its new Headquarters in Emmeloord

Following a period of continuous growth, equipment manufacturer Eqraft decided a new headquarters was necessary.
The province and chain partners jointly reward Drenthe arable farmers for sustainable performance
februari 07, 2024

Dutch province Drenthe and potato chain partners push sustainability by rewarding farmers

De provincie Drenthe start sa men met de ketenpartners een pilot voor akkerbouwers rondom belonen voor duurzaamheid. In de pilot worden de Kritische Prestatie Indicatoren (KPI’s) uit de Biodiversiteitsmonitor Akkerbouw in de praktijk getest.
Potato Statistics NEPG countries (Excluding Seed and Starch potatoes)
februari 06, 2024

Growing potatoes is never a smooth ride!

In season 2023, potato growers in North-western Europe were confronted with difficult weather conditions, a high disease pressure and rising costs.
Netherlands: weather made the potato harvest very difficult
januari 29, 2024

Weather in the Netherlands made the potato harvest very difficult

In the Netherlands, the weather affected the potato harvest and raises many questions about the future of production in the country.
Kuipers Pellet Snacks Processing Line
januari 23, 2024

Kuipers Food Processing Machinery and Lalesse Extrusion join forces

As of January 1st, 2024, the assets and business activities of Lalesse Extrusion are integrated into Kuipers Food Processing Machinery.
NEM-EMERGE Overall Objective
januari 10, 2024

Plant-parasitic nematodes on the rise: WUR launches major research project

Climate change and genetic selection have brought root-knot nematodes further north in Europe and made cyst nematodes more difficult to control.
januari 06, 2024

Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond: Contract prijzen voor consumptie-aardappelen moeten 10 procent omhoog in 2024

De Nederlandse Akkerbouw Vakbond heeft weer de verwachte kostprijs van consumptieaardappelen voor het komende seizoen berekend. De kostprijs vertoont een lichte stijging t.o.v. de verwachte kostprijs van oogst 2023.
Tough harvest, how to proceed in storage?
januari 04, 2024

Tough harvest, how to proceed in storage?

The storage season for potatoes is in full swing and has proven to be quite a challenge so far. Tolsma-Grisnich provides some tips for drying and storing of challenging crops...
Pulsemaster’s Compact PEF system
januari 03, 2024

Pulsemaster revolutionizes food processing with new innovative Compact PEF system

In a significant advancement for the food processing industry, Pulsemaster has introduced a new groundbreaking compact industrial-scale pulsed electric field (PEF) system.
Sustainable cooperation in Brabant's potato processing industry
december 27, 2023

Joint project by the potato processing industry in Brabant (the Netherlands) focused on sustainability

Agristo, Peka Kroef, Lamb Weston and Duynie have teamed up to create a groundbreaking partnership with a view to sustainability and ecological awareness.

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Performance price of EUR 133.34 (USD 145.62) is absolute record for Royal Avebe
december 19, 2023

Performance price of EUR 133.34 is absolute record for starch manufacturer Royal Avebe

Potato Starch manufacturer Royal Avebe closes financial year 2022/2023 with a performance price of EUR 133.34 (USD 145.62) .
(LR) Jan van Hoogen, General Director and Adrie Vermeulen previous Chairman of Agrico
december 19, 2023

Jan van Hoogen hands over the baton to Mark Zuidhof as potato cooperative Agrico passes EUR 400 million in sales

Last week Agrico held its annual central members’ meeting, during which the financial statements of 2022/2023 were explained and the members looked ahead to the new harvest year.
Largest-ever Dutch TecSource Potato Blancher being installed at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn
december 11, 2023

Dutch TecSource B.V. Installs its largest ever potato blanchers at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn!

Transport, hoisting, and installation of our largest blanchers to date! The two-stage DTS blanching line at Farm Frites Oudenhoorn includes a Short-high blancher with a diameter of 2.6 meters and a length of 7 meters.
Sostenibilidad: la nueva vanguardia entre los obtentores de variedades como HZPC
december 11, 2023

Sostenibilidad: la nueva vanguardia entre los obtentores de variedades como HZPC

La sostenibilidad de las variedades de papa es el nuevo horizonte para los obtentores como HZPC.
E2E SteamClosure Clinches Rabobank SMART Award, Marking a Year of Triumph
december 11, 2023

Tummers E2E SteamClosure picks up Rabobank SMART Award

As E2E SteamClosure celebrates its one-year anniversary, Tummers has yet another reason to pop the champagne.
Eric van Oorschot together with his brother runs an arable farm and they also grow potatoesEric van Oorschot together with his brother runs an arable farm and they also grow potatoes
december 11, 2023

Peeling back the layers: A steamy dive into Potato Peeling Excellence with Eric van Oorschot of Kiremko

Eric van Oorschot, a specialist in this field and employed by Kiremko for more than a total of 25 years, shares his insights and experiences on potato peelers.


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