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Potato Europe 2023

Potato Europe 2023 attracts increasingly international crowd

september 19, 2023
Potato Europe 2023, recently held in Tournai, Belgium, became more international than we saw in the past years. Visitors from all around the world visited the event to see the latest European potato technologies.
Taylor Grant, Leah Halverson and Bryan Jones: The Next Generation of Potato Farmers

Feeding America: Introducing the Next Generation Potato Farmers

september 16, 2023
A new generation of potato farmers uses cutting-edge instruments and methods to progress farms and preserve the soil for future generations all over the United States, often in unexpected areas.
Harvesting potatoes in the Netherlands in August 2023 (Courtesy: Dewulf)

Average potato production in North-western-Europe threatened by quality issues

september 14, 2023
The last 4 months was not easy going for the potato production in the NEPG region. But despite the difficult weather conditions, first yield estimates suggest a return to multi-year averages, with an estimated harvest of around 23 million tonnes of potatoes.
Certa 40 Integral Cup planter for potatoes

Dewulf to present new potato planter at Potato Europe 2023: Certa 40 Integral

augustus 27, 2023
In keeping with the four-yearly tradition, one of the potato sector's most important trade fairs, Potato Europe, will soon again be held in Kain (Doornik), Belgium. Among a range of innovations Dewulf will present at Potato Europe 2023, the main eye catcher will be an entirely new cup planter, named Certa 40 Integral.
GRIMME publishes new marketplace

GRIMME launches new marketplace for its agricultural machinery

augustus 02, 2023
The family-owned company GRIMME from Damme (Germany) presents a completely redesigned digital marketplace for used, new and rental machines.
The 30th anniversary of Farm Frites Poland Dwa

The 30th anniversary of Farm Frites Poland Dwa

juli 13, 2023
On June 29 potato processor Farm Frites Poland Dwa celebrated its 30th anniversary by organizing the conference '1993-2023-2053. Past-Present-Future of agriculture in Poland'.
AVR targets the used market with their new brand AVR Green Select

AVR targets the market of its used agricultural machinery with a new brand: AVR Green Select

juli 08, 2023
To actively take charge of its products on the used market, AVR is launching a dedicated team and accompanying brand for its used agricultural machinery: AVR Green Select.
APH Group appointed Albertus Kloosterman as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Bart van Doorn van Doorn as Chief Financial Officer.

New appointments at APH Group: Albertus Kloosterman as Chief Commercial Officer, Bart van Doorn as Chief Financial Officer

juni 28, 2023
APH Group appointed Albertus Kloosterman as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Bart van Doorn as Chief Financial Officer. To keep up with its growth the company is taking large steps and is looking forward to further shape the future of APH Group together with Albertus and Bart.
The Agarada base in Brzezimierz about 35 km south of Wroclaw.

Agricultural machinery sector acquisition: GRIMME takes over Agrarada in Poland

juni 21, 2023
With effect from 15 June 2023, the GRIMME Group from Damme (Germany) takes over the Polish agricultural machinery retailer Agrarada from Brzezimierz near Wroclaw.
Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!

Potato Days Türkiye moves to a new venue in 2023!

mei 18, 2023
On August 25, 2023 the third edition of DLG’s 'Potato Days Türkiye', the only trade fair in Turkey dedicated to potato cultivation, will take place in Cappadocia, Nevsehir.


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