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P.E.I. Agriculture Minister Darlene Compton introduced legislation this week that would give her the authority to restrict what crops can be grown in areas where potato wart has been discovered. (Legislative Assembly of P.E.I.)qqb

New bill would allow PEI government to limit what crops can be grown in potato wart index fields

november 18, 2022
The minister of agriculture of Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada has tabled legislation that would give the provincial government a lead role in trying to prevent the spread of potato wart in the province.
Training in pest and disease management in potato cultivation in Peru

Perú: Capacitan en manejo de plagas y enfermedades en el cultivo de papa

november 01, 2022
Productores de papa de Huánuco, Ambo y Pachitea fueron capacitados en el manejo integrado de plagas, enfermedades en el cultivo de papa y manejo de suelos.
New Antibiotic Comes From a Pathogenic Bacterium in Potatoes

New Antibiotic Solanimycin discovered in a Pathogenic Bacterium in Potatoes (Dickeya solani)

oktober 24, 2022
The growing threat of antimicrobial resistance has led researchers to search for new compounds everywhere. This week in mBio, a multinational team of researchers in Europe report the discovery of a new antifungal antibiotic named solanimycin.
Isabel Vales, Ph.D., Texas A&M AgriLife potato breeder, shows off the experimental clone COTX08063-2Ru, which could be selected to make french fries. (Courtesy: Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Kay Ledbetter)

Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program targets french fry, chipping, fresh markets

september 04, 2022
New potato varieties bred by the Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program could enter the french fry market before long, said Isabel Vales, Ph.D., Texas A&M AgriLife potato breeder in the Department of Horticultural Sciences
Getting potato crops off to a strong, healthy start can lead to better tuber distribution and greater uniformity at harvest, both of which are important for marketability and profit potential.

Syngenta: How to give your potato crop the strongest possible start

augustus 24, 2022
As potato growers are working to maximize their yield potential for the 2022 harvest, it's also time to start thinking about maximizing crop potential for the 2023 season.
Potato LEAF Awards 2022-23 Scholarship to Paige Hickman

Potato LEAF Awards 2022-23 Scholarship to Paige Hickman

augustus 14, 2022
The Potato Leadership, Education, and Advancement Foundation (Potato LEAF) awards its 2022-23 Academic Scholarship to Paige Hickman, a Ph.D. student at University of Idaho, studying plant-parasitic nematodes, insect pests, and diseases of potato.
Los agricultores viven ahora de otros cultivos debido a las pérdidas provocadas por la paratrioza.

Ecuador: Se reduce la producción de papa en Tungurahua

augustus 02, 2022
La producción de papa de Tungurahua dejó de abastecer a mercados de otras ciudades desde hace tres años de manera definitiva. La paratrioza fue una de las causas para interrumpir el proceso.
A ban on exports of P.E.I. potatoes to the U.S. last fall led to the destruction of hundreds of millions of pounds of potatoes. (Courtesy: Mary Kay Sonier/PEI Potato Board)

No sign of potato wart in 5,000 Prince Edward Island soil samples tested so far

juli 23, 2022
With testing completed on 5,000 Prince Edward Island (PEI) soil samples collected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency from March to June no potato wart has been found.
Moriah Schutt, a Montana State University student, picks potato leaf samples on July 12, 2022. Samples are randomly collected between each flag. Courtesy: Ridley Hudson/Chronicle

Students gain experience working in MSU's seed potato program

juli 16, 2022
Students in tank tops with sunscreen-dotted noses walked down the rows of a potato field, frequently bending over to pluck leaves for sample boxes headed to the MSU potato lab.
Participants gather at the 2019 WSU Potato Field Day at Othello.

June 23: WSU Potato Field Day offers a look at seed and pest studies, virus-sniffing dog

juni 16, 2022
At their 400-acre Othello research farm, Washington State University scientists study seed quality, new varieties, pests, and growing practices to help Northwest potatoes thrive


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