SK Agri Exports

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.
Sk Agri Exports proudly introduce as a pioneering and leading exporter of Table and Chips Potatoes from India, since 2006. Their unique distinction lies in their comprehensive approach, as they are not solely engaged in potato trading; they span the entire spectrum from farm cultivation to export.

This differentiates them from others in the industry. With their own farms, leased farmlands, and significant engagement in contract farming, they have solidified their presence across the potato supply chain.

Sk Agri Exports exclusively dedicated to the Trade in Agri Commodities, reflecting their specialization and expertise in this field. Despite the stringent import policies on potatoes in numerous countries, they have meticulously established a system that aligns with all regulatory parameters, including pesticide content and laboratory testing.

Key Leadership

Guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Sandip Thakker, Company's Founder & Director, They have navigated a remarkable journey. Mr. Thakker, initially rooted in the IT sector, hearkened back to their agrarian roots and seized upon the immense potential within the export market. In 2006, Mr. Thakker initiated a venture in the export business, setting the stage for remarkable foray into the potato domain.

Market Position

SK Agri Exports heralded as the foremost exporter of Process Variety Potatoes from India. The cornerstone of their business philosophy is an unwavering commitment to discerning and meeting customer's quality requisites. To underline this commitment, proudly hold the Global GAP certification, an affirmation of their dedication to international quality standards.


At the core of operational prowess is their state-of-the-art European-style cold storage facility. Strategically situated in the heart of major potato cultivation hubs, this facility boasts cutting-edge features including automated temperature control, advanced sizing and grading capabilities, and diverse packaging options. This storage facility encompasses both traditional bag storage systems and imported box-type storage configurations.

The Company infrastructure is fortified with essential equipment such as Forklifts, High Reach Trucks, and Power Pallet Trucks, streamlining the process of handling and transporting potatoes. Dock Levellers facilitate seamless loading onto vehicles of all sizes. Furthermore, their own two Refrigerated Vans that ensure the secure transit of goods with strict temperature control. Before dispatch, all products undergo rigorous quality evaluation by their in-house laboratory, reinforcing commitment to excellence.

Safety Measures

The company organization prioritizes safety in all facets of operations. To this end, they have implemented various measures including Fire Extinguishers, Ammonia Gas Safety Suits, and Ammonia Gas Leak Detector Alarms, ensuring a secure working environment.

Product Quality

The systematic and hygienic handling and grading procedures adhere to international standards, guaranteeing quality at every stage. Their adherence to these rigorous standards has garnered positive responses from the international market, positioning a frontrunner in the competitive export sector.

Market Reach

Annually, export approximately 55,000 metric tons to diverse destinations such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and several other countries. This expansive global reach underlines their proficiency and widespread acclaim as a trusted potato supplier.

In Summation

In essence, they identify as "Potato People" and trajectory from a visionary leader's agricultural calling to a dominant force in the international potato export market reflects unwavering commitment, specialized approach, and comprehensive infrastructure.