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Vultus AB is a remote sensing company based in Lund, Sweden working towards sustainability. Vultus makes precision farming tools using satellite data.

With these tools, farmers can reduce their nitrogen fertilizer use by up to 1/3rd and increase their crop yields. They can also download precision variable-rate nitrogen prescriptions, straight from their satellites to their tractors.

Vultus started life in 2016 as a two-person team in southern Sweden, offering drone insights into crop health. Soon they realized that drones were difficult to scale – you need to have the boots on the ground, battery life, and superb weather conditions to make it work!

They turned their sights skywards and began researching whether satellite data could provide quality insights into crop health and fertilizer needs. By analyzing the spectral signatures of crops, using remote sensing technology from satellites, they were successful.

Vultus is now a leader in precision farming technologies, employing a team of expert researchers and having developed services for measuring soil fertility, monitoring crop health, optimizing fertilizer dosage and yield, measuring irrigation requirements.

By partnering with various international farming platforms, they now have office in Sweden, providing 10 million hectares of land with unique Vultus insights. Their mission is to empower every farmer in the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduce environmental harm.

Now in 2020, they have 17 people on the team. They are growing at a phenomenal rate, having validated their business model and attracted big VC funding – from Norrsken, Almi Invest, Rockstart and Climate KIC.

The team is international (representing nine different countries!) committed to gender balance (their board is comprised of two women and three men, the same as their Development team!) multidisciplinary and most of all, a warm group of compassionate members on a mission to increase sustainability in farming.
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Vultus analyses demonstrate exceptional accuracy in Lyckeby's three-year potato field trials, as confirmed by comparative studies.
六月 26, 2024

Comparative studies confirm high accuracy in Vultus analyses during Lyckeby's three-year field trials

Vultus, in collaboration with Lyckeby and Hushållningssällskapet, has developed a satellite image analysis algorithm for precision fertilization in potato farming, demonstrating superior accuracy in predicting leaf nitrogen content in Swedish field trials.
Vultus: IFFCO Kisan sets new record of requests on the analysis platform
四月 10, 2024

Vultus: IFFCO Kisan sets new record of requests on the analysis platform

Vultus AB (publ) has announced a new platform record with 21,000 fields analysed in one day.
Vultus introduces new service for more effective disease control in potato crops
三月 28, 2024

Vultus introduces new service for more effective disease control in potato crops

Vultus AB launches a new service together with AR Tarim, part of Agrico and Europlant, for earlier detection of diseases in potato crops.
Vultus Potato Suite
十月 09, 2023

Vultus: Cultivating the Future of Potato Farming with Precision and Innovation

In a transformative leap for precision farming, Vultus, spearheads an agricultural revolution with its pioneering Analysis as a Service (AaaS). Their technology is poised to redefine modern farming, empowering farmers to maximize productivity, enhance crop quality, and reduce their environmental impact while boosting their profitability.