Sunfresh Farms Ltd. (Alberta) installs Sormac Peeling Lines

Sunfresh Farms Ltd. (Alberta) installs Sormac Peeling Lines
六月 16, 2009

Located in Alberta, Canada, Sunfresh Farms processes locally grown produce, and produce transported by 7 trucks from its own fleet of vehicles, from other production regions, including potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and swedes. Sunfresh Farms has been active since January 1997.

For Sunfresh Farms’ new processing plant Sormac supplied processing lines for carrots, onions and potatoes in 2008 and 2009.

“In close collaboration with the customers, our agent in Canada Mc Cleary Equipment Sales Inc. and the Sormac specialists, the three lines were integrated into the new plant at Sunfresh Farms”, explains Jeroen Luijten, area sales manager at Sormac.

Sunfresh Farms CEO Dean Seegers: “Since our inception we have established a strong presence as a supplier to wholesalers in Western Canada”

“Now the new processing plant is operational and running to our full satisfaction, we hope to expand our position in the future even further.”

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