Tummers Newest peeler offers the lowest cost of ownership

Tummers Newest peeler offers the lowest cost of ownership

Tummers Newest peeler offers the lowest cost of ownership

七月 15, 2020

Tummers Food Processing Solutions have recently unveiled their latest development in the market, a steam peeler, with a total cost of ownership that is lower than any other peeler available. The peel loss of this machine is comparable with the result of other peelers on the market, but at lower operational costs and a lower steam consumption. In addition, the Tummers Steam Peeler is safer to clean, operate and maintain.

The Tummers Steam Peeler  is the first peeler Tummers have solely constructed. Previously the Dutch machine building company bought its steam peelers from external parties, but after many customer requests for an affordable and reliable peeling solution, the company decided to expand its portfolio by releasing its own peeler.

Safety measures

During development, Tummers gave extra emphasis to the safety of the Tummers Steam Peeler.

Edwin Langbroek, Sales Manager:

“We introduced several special features to allow for safe handling and maintenance.”

“Special safety features allow mechanics to have a safe access during maintenance. In addition, we covered all pipes through which steam passes, so that operators and technicians cannot burn themselves.”

“Machine builders often put these kinds of measures to the customer, but we see it as our responsibility to deliver not only a reliable, but also safe product.”

Reduced cost of ownership

The design of Tummers' first steam peeler is based on the company’s many years of experience in the field of steam peeling. Among other benefits, this machine offers lower costs of ownership.

All door components for example are made of stainless steel to ensure extended maintenance intervals, and the peeler’s steam consumption is 20% lower than comparable peelers. The high rotational speed and high-speed exhaust system offer minimal peel losses, comparable to the industry standard.

Compact design

The Tummers Steam Peeler is especially designed to fit any peeling line. Due to its compact design the machine will fit in the same as, or even a smaller footprint than any other peeler. The TSP’ height is lower than the height of comparable peelers and as it is available in right and left handed execution, there will always be a way to fit this peeler in a new or an existing processing line.


The development of Tummers' first steam peeler took about three years in total. By the end of 2018, the first model of the Tummers Steam Peeler was in full production and the engineering was finalised on the complete portfolio. Now at the release of the Tummers Steam Peeler, Tummers can supply customers with three different peeler models.

Placing the peeler in-line with Tummers’ highly successful ZicZac Brusher, the Dutch machine building company can provide its customers with a state-of-the-art peeling line in various capacities.

Tummers Food Processing Solutions stands for customized solutions. Therefore, the Tummers Steam Peeler fits to any steam peeling line.