Success story of Razdolie LLC (Moscow region)

Success story of Razdolie LLC (Moscow region)

Success story of Razdolie LLC (Moscow region)

三月 30, 2021

The company Razdolie LLC was founded in 2008, but received a new round in development in 2015 with the arrival of a young and progressive management team.

The agricultural market was analyzed and the optimal development strategy of the company was developed for this region, taking into account the soil and climatic conditions. To date, priority is given to three areas: potato growing; procurement of forage (hay, straw) and grain growing.

The enterprise has three separate subdivisions in the Moscow region - Istra and Dmitrovskoe, which produce feed, and Klinskoe, which specializes in growing potatoes. The latter is located near the Zavidovo nature reserve. Hence the name of their brand - “Zavidovsky potato”.

Their company carries out a full cycle of production activities for growing, processing, storing and selling agricultural products, which allows them to control quality throughout the entire production chain - from the field to the end consumer. Now the farm has over 10,5 thousand hectares of land, and the increase in gross production in 2020 amounted to more than 70%.

The company employs 45 people, in addition, about 20 people work during the season under a contract. The company is currently in the stage of active development and growth, so in 2020 the number of employees increased by 45%.

Now they have worked out the technology of growing potatoes and brought the planting area to 250 hectares this year, and next year they plan to increase it to almost 350 hectares. In addition, from 2021 they plan to introduce beets and carrots into production.

During the growing season, different varieties have different requirements for environmental conditions, the content of nutrients in the soil and mineral nutrition. Therefore, each farm in the production of agricultural products, as a rule, grows at least two varieties of the same crop.

In Razdolie's fields, they traditionally cultivate potato varieties such as Gala and Red Scarlett. In addition, part of the area this year was occupied by the plantings of Vega and Merlot potatoes.

The four potato varieties cultivated by Razdolie this year: Merlot, Vega, Gala and Red Scarlett.

The four potato varieties cultivated by Razdolie this year: Merlot, Vega, Gala and Red Scarlett.

As the predecessors of potatoes, they use mustard as green manure or wheat. Potatoes are harvested with modern trailed potato harvesters Grimme SE 260. The quality of this technique met all their expectations, it fully meets all the necessary requirements.

Having quality storage is one of the main ingredients for business success and profitability. The prices for the sale of potatoes in the "high season", which lasts from December to May, can exceed 2-2,5 times the price during harvesting.

Razdolie has a large-scale project for the construction of five innovative vegetable storage facilities, and currently the company has built a modern hangar-type storage facility (frameless) for 7 thousand tons of potatoes with floor ventilation channels. Next year, another storage facility of the same type with a capacity of 3,5 thousand tons will be put into operation.

Before putting potatoes in storage, the building is cleaned, dried, disinfected and treated against diseases and pests. The used ventilation and storage equipment is also disinfected. This is an important process and is the foundation for minimizing storage losses.

In 2017, the company first began supplying potatoes to 13 Myasnov stores located in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. At the moment they also supply their potatoes to the VkusVill network. In addition, negotiations are underway on potential cooperation with the networks "Victoria", "Azbuka Vkusa", "Globus Gourmet". They also carry out small wholesale trade from production. All potatoes grown in their fields comply with GOST.

They will continue the implementation of the project for the construction of a complex of vegetable storage facilities in order to bring their total storage volume to 17,5 thousand tons. They will develop their own brand of Zavidovskiy eco-potatoes.

In the future, Razdolie plans to open a shop for processing vegetable products. In terms of forage procurement, there is a goal - to take a leading position in the Moscow region and reach the sales volume of about 4 tons per year.

At the moment, most farms have a problem with personnel. It also applies to their company: there is a shortage of qualified specialists in the field of agronomy and tractor drivers of all classes, especially with experience in modern foreign equipment.
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