Südstärke GmbH

Südstärke GmbH, with its two production sites in Schrobenhausen and Sünching, processes around 600,000 tonnes of potatoes per year (approx. 1/3 of the potato cultivation area/quantity in Bavaria) and produces approx. 150,000 tonnes of potato starch, most of which finds its way to the end-customer - mainly in the paper, food and chemical industries - in the form of refined special starches.

Approximately 1,600 contract farmers provide the raw material which is so valuable for starch production – the starch potato. Thanks to the co-operative structure, the raw material for the production is cultivated by the owners of Südstärke GmbH themselves, the contract farmers, and processed in their own company.

Südstärke currently employs approx. 250 people at both sites.

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Südstärke GmbH
  • Königslachener Weg 2A
    86529 Schrobenhausen