Sponsor of the Month

Introducing a NEW Feature: Sponsor of the Month! Every month we will highlight one of our sponsors with what will be the most visible spot on PotatoPro: double high leaderboard near the top of the Homepage, the 'All News' page and the 'All companies' page and the 'All products' page. Instead of a fully customizable double high leader board, you can also display your regular company listing on this spot.

On the auction page, you can bid for this spot. Highest bidder gets the spot. Bidding closes a month before the start of the display period in order to allow the preparation of artwork.
This auction feature PotatoPro is offering is only available for those companies who are a sponsor of PotatoPro.com.
If your company is a Sponsor, but you are not able to participate in this auction please contact the potatopro team at auctions@potatopro.com
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