European Association for Potato Research (EAPR2024)


The European Association for Potato Research EAPR2024, a Triennial conference of EAPR will be hosted for the first time in Norway, and the organizing committee is eager to make this “the best Triennial conference ever”.

The headline for this conference is: Sustainable Potato production: advances and applications of Potato Research.

They plan for 10 scientific sessions covering a broad specter of subjects related to the potato crop. The scientific committee consists of both Norwegian scientists and experts from other parts of Europe.

They also plan on one full day of excursions during the conference to visit potato growing areas, including social activities.

They have tried to keep the cost low to attract as many people as possible. The fees are calculated in the Norwegian currency NOK, which now is weak compared to EURO. That means to register now could be wise.It is also possible to arrange separate workshops or network meeting one or two days before the conference at the conference venue.

The first connected workshop will be on the day before the EAPR conference, it is the 3rd International Spongospora Workshop, July 6, 2024.

For detailed information regarding the programm, please visit:

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