Urschel - Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
Model CCL Lattice Potato Chip Slicer
The Model CCL slicer produces lattice cuts of varying thickness. Both sides of the slice have crinkles, with the crinkles on each side of the slice running approximately 90° to each other. Uses involve lattice potato chips and thicker potato waffle fries.
Urschel - Comitrol® Processor Models 3600F - 3640F
Comitrol® Processor Models 3600F - 3640F
This Model is used for shred for hashbrowns. 1/16 to 3/8" (1.6 to 9.5 mm) particles for potato pancakes or rösti from dicing and french fry screenings and rejects. Use cutting head with suitable particle opening size. Capacity is 4,000 - 5,000 lbs. (1,800 - 2,200 kg) hourly using 3,600 revolutions per minute impeller speed.
Urschel - TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter
TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter
The 2520 takes the design of the TranSlicer 2510 to the next level. Every facet of the machine focuses on timesaving, therefore cost-saving, sanitation practices.
Urschel - Comitrol® Processor Model 2100
Comitrol® Processor Model 2100
This machine is used for reducing into flakes or granulation for further processing.
Urschel - Sprint 2® Dicers
Sprint 2® Dicers
Sprint 2® Potato Dicer - 1/8 to 1" (1.6 to 25.4 mm) dices and pieces such as 1/8 x 1 x 1/8" (3.2 x 25.4 x 3.2 mm) from cooked product. Input product dimension should not exceed 6.5" (165.1 mm) in any dimension.
Tummers Cutting line Switcher
Cutting line Switcher
Tummers Cutting line Switcher is a stainless steel, industrial switcher for changing cutting blocks either automatically or manually, and without interrupting your production. They can be Operated with a front-mounted touch screen.
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Urschel - TranSlicer® 2510 Cutter
TranSlicer® 2510 Cutter
The TranSlicer 2510 Cutter accepts compressible food products up to 8" (203 mm) in diameter, or firm products up to 6-3/4" (171 mm) in diameter — precutting may be necessary. Optional static hold-down assembly is available to maintain positive feeding assistance.
Model CC Series Head Assembly Aid
Model CC Turntable
The Model CC turntable assists with head maintenance. Now available, the new Model CC turntable assists processors with a variety of tasks to save time and effort.
Urschel - M VersaPro® Dicer
M VersaPro® Dicer
The M VersaPro® (MVP) Dicer provides the best in sanitary design and the ultimate in versatile cutting of proteins. The MVP offers 33% increased feeding capacity versus the standard M6 due to wider belts, optimized cutting, and increased horsepower. 
Urschel - Comitrol® Processor 3640A
Comitrol® Processor 3640A
The Comitrol® Processor Model 3640A High Speed (M3640A-HS) is ideal for processing tough or fibrous products in small volume to high capacity production environments.
Urschel - Velocicut® Cutting Head
Velocicut® Cutting Head
The Velocicut® Head may be used in conjunction with the Urschel Model VSC Cutter, or integrated into an existing watergun system. A variety of cuts may be produced including square, rectangular, slab, bi-slab, cross slab, and segment cuts.
Urschel - Comitrol® Processor Model 1700
Comitrol® Processor Model 1700
It is recommended for free-flowing dry and semi-dry applications. ​ For the size reduction of potato flakes a Model 1700 or 3600 can be used. Use cutting heads at 3,000 rpm or microcut heads with every other blade removed at 9,000 rpm or with VFD to make a particle size of 200 to 800 microns.
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Urschel - Model VSC Segment Cutter
Model VSC Segment Cutter
The Model VSC produces a wide range of segments, slabs, or rectangular strips. Several different cutting set-ups are available including standard heads, Flo-Cut® Model 360 heads, and Velocicut® heads. Consult your local Urschel sales representative for the cutting head best-suited for our application.
Urschel - DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer
DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer
The DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer is a high performance dicer designed to uniformly dice, strip cut, and slice a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and meats. Efficiency and flexibility are key traits of the Sprint®.
Urschel - Affinity® CD-L Dicer
Affinity® CD-L Dicer
The new Affinity® CD-L Dicer produces uniform dices in the small to intermediate size range. The CD-L combines the utility of Urschel Models CD-A and L-A, plus working design elements from the Affinity Integra® Dicer.
Urschel - Comitrol® Processor Models 3600 - 3675SL
Comitrol® Processor Models 3600 - 3675SL
Shred for hashbrowns. 1/16 to 3/8" (1.6 to 9.5 mm) particles for potato pancakes or rösti from dicing and french fry screenings and rejects.
Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14
Micro Adjustable Shape Cuts SL14
The Urschel MicroAdjustable® Slicing Head (SL-14) offers maximum cutting action and expedient knife changeovers for your potato chips production line.
Urschel - E TranSlicer® Cutters
E TranSlicer® Cutters
The standard E TranSlicer Cutter (ETRS) accepts firm products up to 4" (101.6 mm) in diameter or leafy-type, compressible products up to 6" (152.4 mm). Interchangeable 20" (508 mm) diameter stainless steel cutting wheels reduce products with great precision and efficiency at high capacity.


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