Almicor Ltda

Almicor is a potato starch manufacturer in Colombia.

Colombian Federation of Potato Producers (Fedepapa)

The Colombian Federation of Potato Producers - Fedepapa, represents potato producers in Colombia, generating sectoral policy guidelines before the national government, national and international organizations.

Freshky - Comestibles y Congelados Trust (C.C.T.)

Comestibles y Congelados Trust (C.C.T.) is a manufacturer of frozen french fries in Colombia. Products are marketed under the Freshky brand.

Frozen Express

Frozen Express S.A.S. is a potato processing company in Colombia, manufacturing frozen French Fries and potato specialties. The company's objective is to be a leading company in this market and support the local agriculture in Colombia

Juan Neustadtel SAS

Juan Neustadtel SAS is a Colombian company representing European and American companies producing equipment, materials and supplies for the food processing, packaging and inspection industry

Marel Bogota, Colombia

Marel's office located in Bogota, Colombia
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National University of Colombia (UNAL)

The National University of Colombia is a center where not only different and often contradictory currents of thought converge, but also urban expressions that accentuate its character as representative of the Colombian nation.

Pacifico Natural Snacks

Pacifico Snacks S.A.S. formulates packages. label and ship all-natural tropical chips, both fried and crunchy dried, to specialty food retailers and wholesalers looking to sell their own line of snack products, driving growth and value to their brand.

Pacifico Snacks S.A.S.

Pacifico is a manufacturer of chips and snacks made from fruits and vegetables. They are based in Cali, Colombia.


Precolisto is a Colombian Distributor of processed food products. The company was founded in order to commercialize practical, nutritious, and healthy food for Bogota families.

Stoller de Colombia S.A.

Stoller's office located in Colombia

Super Ricas (Comestibles Ricos S.A.)

Super Ricas is the third largest savory snack company in Colombi.a
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Yupi is a manufacturer of potato chips and extruded snacks in Colombia


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