Allied Potato Colorado, Inc.

Allied Potato Colorado is mostly a seed-producing farm in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. At over 7,000 feet elevation their farm can grow superior quality seed to support their commercial operations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Allied Potato, INC

Allied Potato is an internationally recognized leading potato grower, packer, shipper, and exporter.

Bothell Seed, LLC

Bothell Seed, LLC has been providing quality seed to the commercial potato industry for 20 years. Their seed potatoes are grown in the San Luis Valley; an isolated, arid, high mountain valley.

Daniel J. Corey Farms

Daniel J. Corey Farms grow 880 acres of high-quality, high-yielding seed potatoes. This is in addition to Seed Pro acres. Seed Pro Inc. is located in Maine state of the USA.

Lane Farms

Lane farm is specializing in Generation 3 (FY4) certified seed potatoes. Seed in grown in compliance with Oregon's strict seed certification standards, and this farm resides in an "isolated district", reducing disease and improving crop quality.

Maine Farmers Exchange

Maine Farmers Exchange has provided full service sourcing for tablestock, seed and processing potatoes for over 50 years
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Martinez Farms

Martinez Farms raises certified seed potatoes in the San Luis Valley at an elevation of 7,683 (2342 m.) above sea level, in the southern part of the state of Colorado in the United States.

Palmgren Farm

Palmgren farm is located in Colorado, United States. They are growing seed potatoes and some range of organic potatoes.

Parkinson Foundation Seed Farm

Parkinson Foundation Seed Farm was created out of a demand for clean potato seed.

Price Farms Certified Seed, LLC

Price Farms Certified Seed, LLC has been selling certified seed for over a decade and has become very proficient in the production and sale of young generation potatoes.

Salazar Farms Seed Potatoes

Salazar Farms produces Colorado Certified Seed Potatoes at the Colorado Field Generation 1 through 4 levels. The farm produces seeds both for other seed growers and for commercial Salazar Potatoespotato growers

San Acacio Seed

San Acacio Seed, LLC is located in the southeastern region of the San Luis Valley thus allowing for complete geographical isolation from the potato growing regions of the valley.
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Schroeder Brother's Farms

Schroeder Brothers Farms grows over 2200 acres of foundation and certified seed potatoes mostly in the Antigo area, but also in Suring, Mountain, Post Lake Pearson and Phlox. They grow over 20 varieties each year including reds, russets, chips and Frito Lay varieties.

Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC

To provide peace of mind to their partners, Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC will deliver high quality mini tubers while embracing sustainable practices that will benefit society and the surrounding environment.

Summit Plant Labs

Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc. is a large-scale, wholesale specialty micropropagation (clean-stocks) and seed health testing business.

Worley Family Farms, LLC

Worley Family Farms, LLC is located in Monte Vista, CO, United States and is part of the Other Crop Farming Industry. Potatoes were introduced to the Valley around 1875, making it one of the oldest growing regions in the United States.


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