Agropak (IntercomM Co.Ltd)

The Agropak company has been working in the agricultural market for more than 25 years, as a supplier of equipment for packaging, sorting and processing of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries.

Ansquin Sockeel Emballages

Ansquin Sockeel Emballages produces and markets potato bins of all sizes.

Barbarie SAS

Barbarie SAS is the leading european manufacturer of storage boxes and bins for the storage of potatoes, carrots, onions, other vegetables and fruits.

H.F. Stewart

H.F. Stewart is a manufacturer of potato handling equipment based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada. They ship products all across the globe.

Inter Agra

Inter Agra is a company specializing in producing high-quality fruit and vegetable storage containers in storage around the world.


Kisten Mevrouw is the largest box marketplace for new and used boxes for potato storage.
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M.A.T Harvesting

MAT-Harvesting LLC, a representative of innovative farming equipment manufacturers, specializes in Mechanical Agriculture Technology. Their product range spans Cooling Systems, Dirt Eliminating & Washing devices, Filling & Tipping solutions, Grading & Sizing machinery, Handling equipment, Harvesting Conveyors, Harvesting Equipment, Soil Preparation tools, Processing Lines, and Specific Products such as Storage Boxes/Bins.

Macroplastic (IPL Macroplastics)

Macroplastic has been the material handling and storage solution for the agricultural, food processing and retail markets.

Naus Agriboxes

Naus Agriboxes, is a leading producer of high-quality boxes for the European agricultural sector.

W.B. Machinery

W.B. Machinery provides solutions with a wide range of food processing equipment for over 20 years in the eastern portion of the United States.
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