Herbort Universal cutting machine (slices, strips & cubes)

Herbort Universal cutting machine (slices, strips & cubes)

Herbort Universal cutting machine (slices, strips & cubes)

The Herbort cutting machine 122W is most suited for cutting the complete range of root vegetables, e.g. potatoes, carrots, beetroot, celery, also cucumbers, apples, onions, spring cabbage and other fruits into slices, strips or dices.

The centrepiece of this new construction is a totally new cutting unit equipped with two separate cutting positions which enable two different cutting actions to be carried out simultaneously by one machine. Consequently, slices and dices, strips and dices or slices and strips can be cut in parallel action.

Naturally, two similar cuts of different sizes can be made. Output can also be doubled by utilising two equal cutting positions. To minimise production stoppage time, an enclosed cutting unit cassette has been developed which makes the replacement of the complete cutting unit possible within a matter of minutes.

The flat blade and the circular blade shaft are so housed together that they can be removed from the machine as a complete unit. The chopping blade shaft can be dismantled quite simply by hand. During maintenance work the cutting positions are replaced by a closure cover.
Herbort cutting machine 122W

Herbort cutting machine 122W

Even in the event of a broken cutting blade, production stoppage time is kept to a minimum because the second cutting position can continue production while a replacement cassette is installed.

The rotor, the circular blade shafts and the chopping rollers are directly driven by frequency synchronised motors eliminating the need for breakage-prone toothed drive belts and toothed wheels. Each cutting position can be driven at different speed ranges as required. The machine can be fitted with just one cutting position for simpler cutting tasks.

Special features
  • Quick and simple inspection and replacement of the "Snap-in" cutting unit cassette.
  • Reduced “wear and tear” and service friendly with direct drive.
  • With frequency synchronised drive control, all drives can be equally varied.
  • No variation of cut size through drive speed fluctuation. The number of revolutions per minute of each drive motor are kept constant by electronic control.
  • Fold-back input funnel and end product outlet can be opened for cleaning without the need for tools. All fold-back machine parts are fitted with safety switches.
  • The machine is made from rustproof steel and plastic, with the exception of the drive and bearing components. (non-brazed)
(Click to enlarge)Universal cutting machine Technical Data

Universal cutting machine Technical Data