Ishida IX-G2 Dual Sensor X-ray Inspection System
Ishida IX-G2 X-Ray Inspection
The new Ishida IX-G2 X-ray inspection systems uses a unique dual energy process that compares absorption of x-rays on two levels, avoiding problems from overlapping products.
A Tummers Potato Flakes Line
Potato Flake Lines
Potato flake lines are a Tummers Specialty. Destoning, washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing, drying, flaking, milling and packaging, all effortlessly performed.

TOMRA 3A whole potato sorting machine
Boasting the highest capacity on the market, the TOMRA 3A is the most robust, reliable and cost-effective optical sorter available for growers.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Accumulation Trays
Accumulation Trays
Optimize product flow regulations and homogenize the flow rate, using accumulation hoppers as required.
Intralox ThermoDrive Series 8140
ThermoDrive Series 8140
With the release of ThermoDrive Series 8140, food industry manufacturers can now purchase high-quality, hygienic lug-driven belts supported by Intralox’s expertise and guarantees.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Conveyors
Conveyor system create an oscillating movement that causes the friction of the product on the tray to clean the product and aroma residues on the tray. Avoids product breakage and facilitates cleaning by having a smooth surface with no hidden corners.
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Ishida CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
CCW-RV Open Frame Weigher
Ishida’s latest IP69K waterproof weigher is now fully open for cleaning.
Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida INSPIRA Snack Food Bagmaker
Ishida, recognized as a dominant bagmaker manufacturer in the high-speed operation range with their industry leading Atlas series, continues to break ground with their INSPIRA Snack Bagmaker VFFS series.
Sentinel II Food Sorting Machine by Tomra
Sentinel II Food Sorting Machine
The Sentinel II optical sorter is designed for sorting many food applications and will typically be found in the tomato, peach and potato processing industry.
Flo-Mech Peeler Module
Peeler Module
Flo-Mech Peeler Module is designed to suit the customer’s needs – and whether a batch or continuous peeler system is required
Wyma Small Potato Line
Small line to pack potatoes
In this example of a small line to pack potatoes (5 ton per hour), produce can be received onto an Elevator where they are fed into a Horizontal Debris Remover, to remove loose dirt, vine, and other debris.
Allround Shake Grader SG 80-4
Shake Grader
The Allround Shake grader is designed to grade potatoes according to the square size. The potatoes are fed to the top of the machine onto the top sieve. The sieves in the machine shake in sequential frequencies, which causes the potatoes to move along on the sieves.
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tna VFFS system robag® FX series
robag® 3e FX series
tna robag® FX series is a vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging solution with speeds up to 250 bags per minute using rotary triple, double, single or flat jaw configurations to package a variety of bag types.
Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt, a superior solution for wet (potato) receiving lines
Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt
The new Intralox® Series 1750 Flush Grid belt takes abrasion resistance to a new level. It is a superior solution for use in the harsh conditions wet (potato) receiving lines.
Flo-Mech Rinsing / Starch Washing Systems
Rinsing / Starch Washing Systems
Flo-Mech Rinsing / Washing systems design for removing surface starch. Flo-Mech offer a range of solutions to remove surface starch from peeled / cut potatoes before the next stag of the process.
Elea PEF Advantage B 1  and B 1 mini
Elea PEF Advantage B 1 and B 1 mini
The compact, all-in-one, affordable, flexible Pulsed Electric Field solution for businesses looking for output up to 6 t/h.
Wyma Roller Conveyors
Roller Conveyors
Wyma’s Roller Conveyors transport boxes, bins or crates so they can be stacked onto pallets.
ADR EXOS™ is the latest version of Key Technology's unique Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR) that turns defective potato strips into good ones by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas.
Key’s Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR) is a unique system that turns a defective potato strip into a good one by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas.


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