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Rosenqvists Food Technologies

Rosenqvists Food Technologies is a Swedish company offering complete solutions - from process design to manufacturing and installation - for processing lines for potato chips, french fries, snacks, and other potato products.

Rosenqvists Food Technologies AB was founded in 2009 with a group of experts, all of them originating from PPM AB (Potato Processing Machinery AB), bringing their expertise in developing and designing potato process equipment.

The goal for Rosenqvists is to provide value-adding solutions for the food processing industry worldwide. The company’s main focus has been potato processing but since the start of Rosenqvists in 2009, it has added several other processing areas to its portfolio.

Rosenqvists supplies complete lines for all styles of potato chips, pellets, nuts, wet pasta, French fries, coated French fries and potato specialties.

Rosenqvists Food Technologies develops and designs food processing equipment and complete lines for the production of potato chips, snacks, nuts, French fries, and potato specialties.

Rosenqvists Food Technologies multi-zone frying system, defatter for low-fat chips and the continuous abrasive peeler with variable speeds.

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Rosenqvists Food Technologies
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