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Rosenqvists Frying Systems for Nuts

The Rosenqvists Nut frying systems are suitable for all types of nuts and seeds. The fryer is excellent for coated nuts. Depending on the final product, the frying system is equipped with a suitable type of belt, and an oil filtration system, and the possible need for a top submerged belt to ensure optimal production and final product quality.

The Rosenqvists nut Fryer uses an external heating system that reduces the total oil volume and ensures that the vegetable oil is not overheated. The fryer is equipped with a CIP ( Clean-In-Place ) washing system, and with no tubing inside the frying pan, cleaning is made easy.

The vegetable oil is cleaned continuously in the external filter system and is heated by the tube heat exchanger using thermo-oil as heating media. With multiple inlets and outlets for the frying oil, the desired temperature profile along the fryer pan can be set to match each product.

The low total oil volume in the complete frying system gives shorter Oil-Turn-Over-Time Rates than traditional fryers. After frying, the nuts are cooled to the required final temperature in the ambient air cooler. Rosenqvists also supplies the infeed system and salt & oil application systems.
Rosenqvists Frying Systems for nuts

Rosenqvists Frying Systems for nuts