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Processing Equipment

Processing Equipment

Washing lines for processing fruit and vegetables
Tummers offers washers/destoners with a capacity ranging from 5 tonnes/hr to 160 tonnes/hr and continues to develop for more efficiency and better quality.
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Key Technology ADR EXOS™
Key’s Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR) is a unique system that turns a defective potato strip into a good one by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas.
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Idaho Steel Nex-Gem Rotary Former
The Nex-Gem Rotary Former is the ideal workhorse for your production of potato patties, using state of the art controls, product change out, and automated Wash-in-Place.
Steam peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from vegetables. TOMRA steam peelers use a unique design to peel root vegetables and potatoes faster and more efficiently. TOMRA offers complete peeling solutions.
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TOMRA 5A Potato Sorter
The TOMRA 5A sorting machine brings superior foreign material removal, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table.
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CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector
Product demonstrations of the CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector are now available from Heat and Control.
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Blizzard - new sorting solution for IQF market
The Blizzard free-fall sorter offers a cost effective alternative to high end sorters. The Blizzard can detect and remove unwanted discolorations, foreign material and misshapen product.
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Heat and Control - Unitized Vacuum Fryer
Versatile vacuum frying made simple. Self-contained vacuum fryer saves space & controls acrylamide.
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Kiremko Primary Oil Filter
The Primary Oil Filter filters the oil of an entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of a processing line.
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Heat and Control - FastBack® Left Right Center (LRC) Diverting Weigher Infeed Solution
The FastBack Left Right Center (LRC) is a compact double multihead weigher feed solution designed to provide a precise, consistent product stream to Ishida's patented back-to-back 218 twin weigher.
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