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Tummers Food Processing Solutions

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Tummers Food Processing Solutions: The Process Innovators

The Tummers organisation focuses on the development and improvement of processes in the potato and tuber processing industry.

The family company Tummers BV was founded in 1976 as an engineering company and the maintenance partner for the flourishing potato industry in the Netherlands.

Tummers Food Processing Solutions (FPS) has since become a leading manufacturer of machines, machine parts and complete production lines for potato and vegetable processing. The Tummers Group currently consists of four companies with more than 100 employees and it operates all over the world.

From field to customer

Tummers Food Processing Solutions has great expertise and high-quality facilities in the field of engineering, production, project management, automation, training and service. This allows Tummers FPS to offer both standard and customised solutions for food processing "from field to customer".

Tummers machines and production lines for processing potatoes and other tuber crops are devised, developed and produced in-house, after which they are assembled and implemented on customer locations.


The requirements of the food processing industry related to issues such as efficiency, sustainability and production rate ensures that the focus at the Tummers organisation is firmly fixed upon innovation.

Since the entire engineering, production and installation processes are all completed in-house, Tummers FPS is one of the few machine manufacturers that is capable of quickly responding to the changing needs of the global food industry.

This focus on innovation has ensured that Tummers Food Processing Solutions remained the market leader in the production and development of potato flake lines for many years already.

News for this Company

E2E SteamClosure Clinches Rabobank SMART Award, Marking a Year of Triumph
December 11, 2023

Tummers E2E SteamClosure picks up Rabobank SMART Award

As E2E SteamClosure celebrates its one-year anniversary, Tummers has yet another reason to pop the champagne.
Minister Schreinemacher’s Visit to Tummers: A Glimpse into Their World of Food Processing
September 21, 2023

Minister Schreinemacher visits Equipment manufacturer Tummers: A Glimpse into The World of Food Processing

After the Trade Mission in India joined by Prime Minister Mark Rutte last week, Tummers Food Processing Solutions was honored to welcome Minister Liesje Schreinemacher to Tummers Food Processing Solutions.
Tummers Steam Closure
June 27, 2023

Potato Flakes Lines: Tummers just eliminated all steam emissions from the drum drying process

Drum-drying of mashed potatoes for the production of potato flakes creates a lot of emissions in the form of steam. Equipment manufacturer Tummers - in cooperation with Solutherm - just put an end to this smelly and energy wasting practice.
Tummers Food Processing Solutions
April 24, 2023

Bialca ofrece eficiencia en la confección de patata

Bialca sigue presentando sus soluciones para el procesado y manipulación para un amplio número de cultivos en nuestro país. Abordamos el caso de la patata, con la que se centra un objetivo claro, eficiencia que mejore su competitividad.