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Food Innovation Online ( is looking for a Sales Account Manager.
You are able to work from any location, and knowledge of the potato or food industry is ideal but not required.

Join our growing international team of amazing people!
For more details visit:


PotatoPro intends to make the information you need if you are active in the potato industry accessible - no matter how you access it (phone, desktop, ?)

We have made it our mission to offer ever MORE information about the global potato sector and make the information you need EASIER and FASTER to find!

Food Innovation Online Corp is an independent company and we intend to keep the PotatoPro platform free to use, with its maintenance and expansion fully paid by the Sponsor and Advertising packages we offer.

Paul van Eijck, Founder of Food Innovation Online Corp:

"Combining my international background in the potato (processing) industry with a continuous effort to improve our online platform has been the key to the success of PotatoPro.”

“Furthermore, the fact that I was totally unfamiliar with how a traditional media company operates, has made innovation easier for us.”

Obviously, there was an opportunity, since PotatoPro is now by far the leading online information source for the global Potato Industry!