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TOMRA Blizzard

TOMRA Food equips the Blizzard with pulsed LED technology and multiple infrared (IR) wavelengths, combined with a specially-designed color capabilities camera. The LED technology has a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, so requires virtually no replacement.

It also provides for very stable output, with its calibration frequency kept to a minimum. An extra advantage of the LED lighting is low heat production, meaning no extra cooling device is needed. The optical camera set-up is totally modular and flexible, guaranteeing better detection of specific defects, depending on the application.

The Blizzard is an extremely cost effective optical solution for IQF processors. The Blizzard offers a small footprint, can comfortably replace older generation systems and easily fits in to existing processing lines.

It can be installed just after the IQF tunnels or prior to packing. The Blizzard delivers stable detection and handles both mono and mixed color produce, meaning it can work with the complete color palette, including ready-to-eat meals, for example.

Its open design was developed with the specific sanitary requirements of the IQF industry in mind. Additionally, the Blizzard’s components are easily accessible for operators. The sorting machine eliminates flat surfaces and integrates open easy-to-clean legs and hygienic door locks.

Another advantage of The Blizzard is the installation of transportation hooks and positioning of the electrical cabinet at its rear end. A high-frequency electromagnetic shaker is also installed on the machine frame, minimizing vibration and making the system ultra-compact.

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Watch the Blizzard in Action