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TNA Processing & Packaging solutions is known globally as a leading system integrator in the food processing and packaging industry. With branch offices, manufacturing offices and sales offices distributed across 30 strategic locations around the world, the company has an installed base of more than 14,000 systems in over 120 countries!

As TNA upholds its goal to make customers successful, to realize their goals and exceed expectations, its focus and strategy goes beyond the delivery of equipment alone.

With over 40 years of experience and a dedication to help customers succeed in a rapidly changing world, TNA closely cooperates with carefully selected, highly dedicated partners to enable customers to benefit from the most comprehensive and reliable processing and packaging solutions available on the market today.

TNA’s extensive product portfolio covers every aspect of food & snack processing and packaging solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced total cost of ownership (<TCO).

Through a consultative and customer-centric approach, the company’s experts ensure that goals are not only met but also exceeded. TNA’s advanced automation & control systems, integration capabilities and SCADA reporting enable optimal performance and operational excellence.

At TNA, commitment to sustainability goes beyond machinery, it is ingrained in the company’s values. TNA prioritizes savings on energy consumption and efficient use of energy resources, and believes its future depends on motivated employees. As a result, the company preserves and invests in both people and communities.

The company’s vision extends past the business realm to create a world where every individual has access to basic human rights and can realize their full potential. With this vision, the company is also focused on providing sustainable, empowering solutions in areas such as education, healthcare, social welfare, emergency relief and more, to those less fortunate, especially children.
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