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Key Zephyr Horizontal Motion Conveyor
Zephyr Horizontal Motion Conveyor
Zephyr™ provides gentle, high-capacity and low maintenance conveying for processors of frozen, fragile, seasoned, breaded or coated products.
 Allround Even-flow hopper EF 100-0.7
Even-flow hopper
The Allround Even-flow hopper is used to dose the flow of product in a line. Mostly the Even-flow hopper is used in front of a Weighing machine or an optical sorter.
Allround Inspection unit in belt
Inspection unit in belt
The Allround​ Belt inspection table is used for manual sorting of the waste between the products. It allows you to pick out the rotten products and other waste, which can be disposed of onto the waste belt between the two belts.
tna roflo® VM 3
roflo® VM 3
The tna roflo® VM 3 is a high-performance food conveyor system that uses horizontal vibratory motion to evenly distribute products, while offering an efficient method for in-line storage. Its versatile design features a variety of pan options to suit every production need.
Allround Box Transport Unit BDU 121-121
Box Transport Unit
Allround box transport units are designed to speed up the process of box transport and can be easily added to existing lines. This process provides a logistic advantage by reducing forklift movements.
Allround Through Belt
Transport Belts
The Allround​ transport belts are designed to transport produce over long distances. There are several variations of belts. Each variation is intended for a different purpose.
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Conveyors
Conveyor system create an oscillating movement that causes the friction of the product on the tray to clean the product and aroma residues on the tray. Avoids product breakage and facilitates cleaning by having a smooth surface with no hidden corners.
Intralox Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt, a superior solution for wet (potato) receiving lines
Series 1750 Flush Grid Belt
The new Intralox® Series 1750 Flush Grid belt takes abrasion resistance to a new level. It is a superior solution for use in the harsh conditions wet (potato) receiving lines.
Allround Duo Telescopic Belt ATC 750
Duo Telescopic Belt
​​The Allround duo telescopic belt is designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of products in storage facilities. The belts are usually placed behind a space finder or pick-up scooter
Tecno Alimentaria Valenciana - GoSync Buffer
Buffers allow to absorb the excess product flow and to dose it back to the line according to the
FastBack® 260E G3 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
FastBack® 260E G3
The new FastBack P2 400E horizontal motion conveyor is the sanitary solution for high-volume transfer and distribution.
SFW Food Pump
Food Pump
The Pomac CP-AGF program comprises a range of stainless steel pumps, suited for pumping potatoes, vegetables and fruits, without damaging them.
Allround Box tipper Z-160
Box tipper
Box tippers are designed to feed processing lines or machines. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled.
tna roflo® VMCS 3
roflo® VMCS 3
A motion chip sizer with a difference – the tna roflo® VMCS 3 uses vibratory motion, alongside a unique chip-sizing pan to separate potato and other root vegetable, as well as fruit chips, into a variety of sizes.
Southern Fabrication Works Tapered Roll Sizer
Tapered Roll Sizer
Size your potatoes using the compact and easy to clean SFW tapered roll sizer
FastBack® Blending System
FastBack® Blending System
FastBack Blending Systems offer manufacturers the most economical, accurate, and consistent means of delivering product blends to multiple scales in a variety of environments.
Heat and Control FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
FastBack 4.0 Horizontal Motion Conveyor
FastBack 4.0 is a circular to linear drive horizontal motion conveyor, a new solution in horizontal motion conveying. It is the culmination of more than 10 years development and multiple international patents.
Allround Mobile transporter MT 600-60
Mobile transporter
​The Allround Mobile transporter is used to transport products or bags of products over heights. The machine is on wheels to ensure flexibility.​


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