Wyma Medium Potato Line

Wyma Medium Potato Line

Wyma Medium Potato Line

Medium Potato line is a 25-ton line which has two receiving options. Produce may be received directly from a field harvest truck or via storage bins using an Electric Bin Tipper. Dry debris and soil are then removed by a Horizontal Debris Remover.

A Wet Hopper provides soaking, unloading buffer and an even feed to the line while a Flume Destoner, provides stone and clod separation. A Barrel Washer and Vege Polisher are used in combination to wash and polish the crop.

Water filtration is provided in the Water Recycling System and cleaner water is cascaded from the Polisher to Barrel, to Hopper to minimise water usage. Dirty water is treated in a Mud Separator ( not shown) to remove excess mud and soil from the water to allow recovery of soil before disposal.

After washing a Flat Bed Dryer is used to remove excess moisture with a Roller Inspection table used for manual quality inspection if required. Produced is then mechanically pre-sized by a Lift Roller Sizer to optimise the efficiency of the 3 Electronic graders next in line. These are fed with a small Evenflow Hopper for surge control.

The Lift Roller sizer will remove under and oversize produce for other use, and can be used for overflow of the main sizes should there be a mismatch of washed product vs Electronic grader capacity. Product is directed to Vertical Bin Fillers for this purpose with automated bin transportation for efficiency.

Electric Bin Tippers with Takeaway conveyors are used in tandem for re-entering binned product as required. After Electronic grading, product is directed to the Dry Bunker Storage area until required for packing.

A variety of weighing, packing and palletising options are showcased on this line. Produce is able to be sourced from each Dry Bunker and able to packed by one of the four packing lines. Seen here are options for Bagging/Palletising, Pouch Filling/Boxing, Bagging/Baling and Box Filling/Palletising. All are suitable options packing potatoes and would typically be configured to meet retail and consumer demand.