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Wyma Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper

Wyma's Mega-tip Rotary Box Tipper was custom designed for gentle tipping of very large boxs. It can tip boxes weighing up to 4.5t and measuring 3700mm wide (approx.).

A forklift loads a bin on the inner cradle. Conveyor auto-load is available.

1: Bin is clamped against lid belt (hydraulic or electric clamping).

2: Bin is electrically rolled over to unloading position.

3: Bin is extended up so produce gently exits over the edge of the lid belt. You can pause the tipping motion at any time to control produce un-load rate.

4: Empty bin is returned to the home position ready to be removed by forklift or optional auto-unload system.


  • Designed to accommodate 3700mm wide bins.
  • Fully self-contained unit.
  • Automated hydraulic bin clamp to secure bin in position before its rotation.
  • Durable and robust construction in stainless steel to withstand the strains of lifting heavy bins and harsh operating environment.
  • Conveyor lid movement linked to upward bin motion to prevent produce being jammed and damaged on conveyor.
  • Proximity sensors to monitor tipping rotation and adjust speed accordingly e.g. Bin Tipper slows down as it approaches the full rotation point.
  • Movement sensors to automate tipping cycle.
  • Remote control.
  • Quick and controllable tipping cycle speed.
  • Safety guarding available as an option.
  • Bin lifting speed, linked to discharge rate, controllable.
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Wyma Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper

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