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Flo-Mech Box Tipping/Hopper Systems
Box Tipping/Hopper Systems
Flo-Mech offers a range of box or crate tipping and unloading systems along with buffer hoppers to suit your requirements.
Allround Reverse box tipper
Reverse box tipper
When an empty box is put in its place ​box will tip at an angle. While the box is filled he slowly tips back. This way of filling minimizes the product damage.
Allround Box Tippers
Box tipper
Box tippers are designed to feed processing lines or machines. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled.
Allround Drop Limit Box Tipper
Drop Limit Box Tipper
The Drop limit box tipper is a box tipper where the drop is limited, which leads to less damage to the product. The tilting of the box is done in three steps: The cubic box is put into the machine, after which the crate is clamped against a cover plate.
Wyma Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper
Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper
Wyma's Mega-tip Rotary Box Tipper was custom designed for gentle tipping of very large boxs. It can tip boxes weighing up to 4.5t and measuring 3700mm wide (approx.).


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